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    How do I find property to buy for just the back taxes owed on it? I am very poor and need a home!?

    I am a Cancer patient, I had Cancer surgury in '06. I still have to go in every 3 months. It hit me very hard financially. It left us devestated and broke, and messed up my short term memory. So if you happen to notice misspelled words please be understanding. I am still not out of dept, I owe 29,000 dollars to the hospital, and don't know how I'm ever going to get it all payed. I was homeless for 8 months because of having to spend every thing we had , and sell every thing we accumulated for the 29 years we have been married, I have nothing left but my life, and I thank God for that every day that I have. I just now got me a cheep home to rent. I am just now getting back on my feet. This is one of the reasons I would like to know how to buy a house for back Taxes, if there is anyone out there who knows how. Or some other way to abtain a home cheep. I would be ever so greatful. God bless, and be healthy.
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    People get so confused about this. You can not buy a house for taxes. You buy tax liens, the lien only, you own the debt, but have no rights to the house. After several YEARS of paying the taxes and trying to get the home owner to pay the taxes you can partition the courts for a foreclosure. You will have to pay any other liens (like their mortgages) but you can do this. The process rarely works, the owners show up at the trial, and takes years. You should contact the housing authority to get section 8 if your wife is working. But, there are no free houses. Real estate is big business in this country and no one gives it away.
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    • Hi there! Go to your county's home page usually your county dot gov or org and look for land and property/tax appraisal. They will give you a list of properties that are behind on their taxes and have been seized. The county will hold an auction for those properties. Good luck and God bless

      by collardgreen2005 - 20 hours ago

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