Section 8 family member rental requirements?

Here's the details... My mom is on disability for severe back pain, anxiety disorders, and severe depression. She is in Michigan right now and needs to move to Oklahoma. She has no money for deposits, no way to pick out a house, and no way to really reserve a house for the time she needs. I am in a position where I could buy her a houseto rent and save all the trouble of the whole thing. She is on section 8 and I was wondering what the requirements were to rent from a family member? I know there are certains ways to do it with her being on disability but just need to know what they are and how we can make it work.

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Kevin, it is illegal to collect section 8 money for your family members. The tenant and the landlord can not be related.

6 years ago

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Go to the Office of Housing and find out in person if relative can buy the home. I'm 95% sure that relative can not buy a house to rent to Mom or Uncle, brother or sister. It is against the Law.

by Bela - 6 years ago