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    I want to move back to Colorado. I now live in Florida.I love Idledale,Morrison,Evergreen, Conifer.Help?

    I'm not "well off", so I don't want to get ripped off from a Realtor. I plan to make this move in 2009. The big problem is : My ex-boyfriend is on my deed and he has not been around or seen since 2003. No one can seem to help me, including the CourtHouse or these attorneys here. Any suggestions?
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    The terms will be different for jurisdiction, but in my area, it is a motion to quiet title. Meaning, that after the mandatory advertising, research and such is done, you take the documentation before a judge and they decide if you have sufficiently attempted to locate the ex, and if they think you have, they will execute an order that removes the ex from your title, giving you exclusive ownership. A title company in your area might be able to provide you some direction on how this process works specifically in your jurisdiction, and an attorney that may be able to assist. There, a Realtor helping you, not ripping you off. Hopefully your attitude towards my profession will improve.
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    • Get a good lawyer. You may have to advertise to try and find him and prove that you tried, before you can sell. After all, he could conceivably be dead.

      by nannywho - 18 hours ago

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