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    HELP!! My Lease is ending, but I forgot to give 30-Day-Notice to my landlord ?

    Urgent!! I am in California, and my yearly lease will(not month-to-month) expire at the end of this month. I have originally decided to stay for another year so I didn't turn in my 30-day-notice. But now I change my mind and want to move out, should I give a 30-day-notice now anyway?? Would everything be okay if I or the landlord can find a new tenant to take over next month?? If I give my landlord a 30-day-notice, can he refuse to accept it? If I leave at the end of month anyway, will I be responsible for the rent for next month?? Or will he just take away my deposit and I will have nothing to do with him after? Btw, he charges me over the lawful rent ceiling, and he never do the maintenance (admitted I didn't press him hard enough to do it, though)....How can I use these two things to count against him if he's being an a$$?? Thanks so much!!!!!
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    First, check what kind of lease you signed. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may be able to get out of your lease by the time it expires. It can also help answer whether or not your landlord can refuse to accept your lease termination. In terms of maintenance, as a rule of thumb any major repairs are required to be fixed by the landlord, while minor ones (light bulb changes, etc) must be handled by the tenant. If the issue is in a common area or hallway/stairway, the landlord MUST fix ANY problem within a reasonable period of time. Depending on the nature and severity of these infractions, you may be have a case against him that would free you from your contract. If it comes down to it, you can try throwing your weight around, but honestly, I would highly recommend bringing this situation to his attention before you bring formal action or threats. If you can't beat him in court and he doesn't want to let you out of the lease, you can always sublet the apartment. You're perfectly within your right to do this and the landlord has no legal way of stopping you. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    • Wow you not like the landlord, but you expect him to be kind to you?? On move out,, you should ask him when he expects to show your place.. This will let you know that you are in trouble or not.. If you mentioned before that you were staying then you have agreed to the extension and you have to go from there..

      by budhah1 - 14 hours ago

    • Technically if you give 30 day notice now you would owe June rent. It is up to your landlord whether they let you out of that. When I finally bought a home and moved out the the 2 bedroom apt. I had been in for many years, it took a bit more time to move and clean up than I expected. So if your landlord insists on June rent, look at it as an opportunity to not have to rush the move.

      by efflandt - 14 hours ago

    • I like your name. It fits. If you put up with those two things for a year you can't use it against him now. Simply tell him right now that you are leaving May 31. If he says no, you might have to stay until June 30.

      by estielmo - 14 hours ago

    • When your lease ends its doesn't renew into a new 1 year lease, it becomes a month to month lease unless you sign a new lease. Just give him 30 days notice now.

      by BullRooster - 14 hours ago

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