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    How do I evict someone, who is not on the lease, who said they would leave and who is a straight up jerk?

    I have been the primary tenant taking care of the bills and making sure there were tenants in this particular apartment. Roommate A and i renewed a lease together. I sublet the other room to roommate B and within 3 months he was verbally and physically assaulted me. When I spoke to my roommateA about the incidents and removing roommate B , he asked me if I ever called the cops and if I didn’t oh well he likes roommate B and that he doesn’t want him to go. Since they have ganged up on me. He has thrown out things of mine, taken mail/bills so I can’t see them, taken things from my room and completely taken over my home. has made me feel uncomfortable since i have allowed him in my home. Roommate B and myself had a verbal agreement that he would be out of the house by August when he first moved in. now he is saying that he doesn’t want to leave. I have waited very patiently thru all of this mess for him to leave. AND NOW HE DOESN’T WANT TO!!! My landlord really doesn’t want to get in the middle of this. He said since he is not on the lease I have to deal with getting him out. It’s jacked up because, he pays his bills. He has just found a way to take over my home without even being on the lease. I feel like I am being pushed out.
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    As much as throwing his stuff out on the street is tempting, don't do it. He could sue you and would win. If you are concerned about your safety, you could get a protection order against him. That could effectively keep him out for a while. He has "Established residency", and has a verbal lease with you. If he won't leave willingly, you do have to go through the process to evict him. Contact an attorney about getting it done right. You may have to give him a 30 day notice, for"violating the lease" An attorney can get the right paperwork filed for the eviction. It'll cost you $200-300.
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    • You write a formal eviction notice. Look into what state laws on where you live for eviction, you may need to give him him 2 weeks to 60 days to get out. If he still hasn't left by that time, you can call the police. You have to give him the time required by law because technically since you have let him stay there he is a resident.

      by Zyggy - 6 hours ago

    • buy a lock and key for your room..and "use it" as in lock your room.. go into your room..and turn on your tv..or music..and "become oblivious".. it is your room..lock yourself in that room....and have fun.. simply ..some people love to "play people" (my daughter called them "headbangers" as they gave you a headache)..so don't make yourself available..for the games/drama..go lock yourself in your room..and become oblivious..play music,online games, read a book.. good luck wait until August..it is May........ become "oblivious"..make the best of this situation..until "august".. and stop feeling ganged up on........ i would lock myself in my room..turn on my head phones..and play some online games.../music and have a blast.......read some books..etc.. do not let ..them get to you.. it will be "august" soon enough.. why get into an emotional state...........

      by m2 - 6 hours ago

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