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    Are there any organizations in California who will help low income seniors with moving expenses?

    I know a senior couple, (one is completely bed ridden), who rent an apartment. They have been told they have to move soon, but do not have the money. They are on Section 8 housing, but this does not pay for the first, last & deposit to move into a new rental. I was wondering if anyone knows of any organizations who could help with this expense. They live in California.
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    The best thing to do is to contact the Department of Aging & Adult Services office in the county they live in. I have provided a link for you to the county listings for California. I work in one of the county Aging & Adult Services office and I know that here at ours we have Senior Information Specialists that have the names and numbers of many resources in the area for seniors. It sounds like there may be more going on in this situation. With them being seniors, on section 8, and being evicted, they may need to contact a legal aid office also. The Senior Info. worker will be able to give more info. on free legal assistance for seniors also. Also, if one of them is bed ridden, they may want to apply for In Home Support Services, if they haven't already. This can also be done through the same office and it pays for a provider to come in and assist them. The provider can be a relative, friend, neighbor, or someone can be referred to them. Good Luck! I hope this helps you and them!! http://www.aging.ca.gov/local_aaa/AAA_listing.asp
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