Do I have to pay realtor reimbursement if did not sell the house?

This realtor said he wants to be reimbursed for his marketing efforts that he paid around $500 when his listing term is up.?

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I doubt it...this sounds illegal. It is in my state. No sale=No pay. They get paid for sales, not efforts. Don't give up a dime until you check your local law. At best, this is unethical. Around here, it's illegal and could result in loss of license.

I'd tell them Tough should have done a better job marketing my house! Some nerve. Oh, and even if this is legal somewhere, which I doubt, check your contact. if you didn't agree in advance, they are out of luck. I'd report this to the state board of real estate immediately!


6 years ago

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Only if you agreed to it ahead of time.

by Chillrbob - 6 years ago

Double check the contract that you signed with him.

I've never seen a contract with a realtor in which you reimburse expenses. Typically (in the US) the realtor only makes money when the house sells. Otherwise, he gets nothing.

But you may have some untraditional contract. Double check it. And if you signed nothing, you owe him nothing.

Good luck.

by Rivergirl100 - 6 years ago

Sounds odd to me,
I have never heard of that before, and unless you signed a contract saying you would pay expenses he incurred if the house didn't sell, I don't see how he could expect you to pay.

by Emmy - 6 years ago

Unless his contract states that you owe him the $500 fee in the event the house doesn't sell, then you DO NOT owe him anything.

I have seen alot of posts on this subject lately, so evidently this is something new with fly-by-night real estate firms.

There are too many that don't charge anything so you don't have to deal with that kind of hassle.


by Mary B - 6 years ago

this is not normal . . but check your contract

by Rainy - 6 years ago

Unless you agreed to this before hand no, you don't owe him anything.

Real estate agents work on commission only and are expected to pay the expenses of earning that commission themselves.

This (paying for promoting) would not be standard in the agreement between you (no one charges) and would have been added as a seperate clause.

Tell his broker he is doing this. The broker needs to train this one some more and should know about this.

by Rex - 6 years ago

That would be VERY unusual. Read your contract. If it does not say anything about that, talk to the agents broker.

by PIE R SQUARED - 6 years ago

I would double check with whoever licenses realtors where you live - probably ____ Department of State. that doesn't sound very kosher

by Jess D - 6 years ago