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    How clean do I need to make my apartment before I move out?

    They are coming Friday to do a walk through, but do I need to scrub everything or just a wipe down type will do?
    a few seconds ago 8 Answers

    Best Answer

    I would do a good scrubbing on everything just so they cant say that they need your deposit for a cleaning or painting fee. Besides if the apt is empty it wont take long to do it. I recomend a magic eraser sponge.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Make it as clean as you would want to move in to. That is how you get ALL of your security deposit back.

      by Cjeanmc - 6 hours ago

    • As clean...or better than...when you moved in. What have you heard from neighbors? You could have a new manager/owner who is pickier than the one that was there when you moved in. Is a deposit involved? At a minimum, get everything out and make it look pretty nice. Wipe down type sounds good. If you need cleaning tips for the tub, etc. Yahoo has a group called flylady clutter busters...where there are actual tips and you can pose a question. Or ask here. (There are 2 flylady yahoo groups....not the mentors when which is motivational, not so much "how to" on questions you may have.)

      by In the Kitchen - 6 hours ago

    • It should be in the same condition you found it when moving in.

      by AM-NM centaur - 6 hours ago

    • As clean as you can make it--the main thing to do is make sure that you get a copy of the final walk through so they cannot come back later & try to charge you for something. If you have a good relationship with the office employees see if one will come and do a spot check before the walk through that can be very helpful.

      by MegsMom - 6 hours ago

    • The cleaner the better because they potentially can charge for cleaning and it won't be what it would cost you. Get ALL trash out. Repair fully any little holes (like if you hung pictures), touch up paint possibly as well. No food left behind. Should look like what YOU would expect when you rent an apartment.

      by heyteach - 6 hours ago

    • Your apartment should look clean, take a good look at the stove, refrigerator, sinks, tubs, stool. The carpet should be clean, all the garbage out, any holes in the wall repaired including nail hole, doorknob bangs, furniture banging against wall etc. Leave nothing behind that does not belong in the apartment, do not take anything that belongs to the apartment (for example curtain rods or blinds, toilet seats, or smoke alarms. I like the idea of someone from the office taking a walk through for you if they would agree to do that. Some buildings owned by large companies have a check sheet you can go by. Some landlords like to keep deposits if they can come up with any reason at all, others are more reasonable and are just grateful if you remove your stuff, garbage and don't damage the apartment. You might check with people that have lived there for a time and have talked to and seen people moving out. Get a signed copy of the walk through. Good luck.

      by litl m - 6 hours ago

    • In addition to the other answers, I would also remind you that the cleaning/restoration/lock/turnover fee you may have paid will not cover very much cleaning. A $100-300 cleaning fee may sound like a lot, but you can't hire any cleaning company to clean an entire unit for less than that. Never assume the cleaning fee is sufficient to clean YOUR mess.

      by nojam75 - 6 hours ago

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