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    i want to move to oregon?

    my husband and I want to move to oregon, our daughter is 13 and our son is 11 we don't know which part of oregon is safe for our children and we are not familiar with the state, we also have financial difficulties so we're looking somewhere very resonabale in oregon that we can afford. It would realy help if anyone gives us general idea where to move in oregon and we would realy appriciate your answer. Thank you
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    Oregon is essentially two areas, west of the mountains and east of the mountains. I don't care for the Oregon Coast as a full time residence, the climate is very mild, but it rains - ALOT. Most cities are affordable to live, the higher priced areas are Portland and that whole sprawling area surrounding it, Eugene/Springfield, Medford and Bend. I just love it here, drop me an email if you need some more info, I could talk about Oregon all day.
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    • Hi Gucci, ~Do your research online for the neighborhoods that are desirable to you. Go to http://realestate.yahoo.com. It has graphs, maps, calculator, interest rate, and virtual tours. ~Find a real estate professional that has an ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) designation. Someone with this designation will have your best interest in mind. Go to http://www.rebac.org. ~You may want to visit http://www.rentals.com. Homes, condos, and apartments across the nation are listed there. There are more details to know but your real estate professional can guide you through the process. The main thing is to find employment first.

      by NevadaHomes - 13 hours ago

    • As a life-long Portlander, I can't imagine any area not being safe for children. Portland Public Schools is known for budget problems and some gang issues, but suburban schools share some of the same problems. Obviously, suburbs and rural areas have the perception of being safer, but even the supposedly worse areas of Portland's inner city are safe compared to larger cities. Housing costs are higher the closer you are to downtown Portland and other city centers. Oregon's does not have sales tax, but you will pay significant income taxes. If I were you, I would choose an area based on your job prospects and school ratings. Most of the state's population is along the I-5 corrider from Portland to Eugene.

      by nojam75 - 13 hours ago

    • Oregon is generally a very safe place for your children. Obviously, big cities have crime, and drugs and such... but it's not like LA. Unfortunately that's also where the jobs are. Small town Oregon is lovely... Stick to the coast for the fantastic weather... eastern Oregon is kind of deserty and dry... but the coast is green and lush the climate is rather mild.

      by sofagrrrl - 13 hours ago

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