How long does my landlord have to fix my heat in san diego ca?

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If you only have one heat source (fireplaces count) then he has about 48 hours (legally is only "reasonable"). If you have more then one then there isn't any time limit given.

How cold does it get? 70?


6 years ago

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I agree with "the mom". I am a landlord in CA and you have to fix stuff in a given time frame. I live in Utah now. it was 8 degrees last night. consider yourself lucky. Hope the landlord fixes that heater soon! Good Luck! In the mean time use a CERAMIC space heater and follow all the safety instructions. You can get one a Lowes or Home Depot for about $20 or more depending upon the model.

by catherine s - 6 years ago

You can use the *The "repair and deduct" remedy*

You can fix it yourself by california law. But there are rules. It cant be more then one months rent. You have to notify your landlord and give them time to fix it. 30 days is normal. But if is cold outside and its a furnice as mentioned in the website provided. 2 days would be considered reasonable.

As the other poster I live in Utah as well. And I think 2 days is unreasonable its freaking cold here. 2 hours would be reasonable to me.

I would fix it yourself but remember if you landlord takes you to court over it and its 70 degrees outside. You might lose.


by financing_loans - 6 years ago