Where in the USA can you buy a nice house for under $50,000?

If you are living on a fixed income, does it make sense to move to an area where the cost of living is lower?

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We live in Steuben County, NY. The most expensive house in our town is $125,000 and that is for over a 3,000 sq. ft. federal style home. You can easily buy a home here for $40,000. In fact we just bought an income home this past summer for $20,000 with 2 apartments. Yes, it was "up to snuff" so to speak and a nice all around home.

6 years ago

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New Jersy

by the gr8t one - 6 years ago

Of course it does, but the days of $50,000 homes have long gone -- you probably can't even get a mobile home on a piece of property for that.

by Diane B - 6 years ago

I'd say yes but a $50,000 home? not likely..My parents bought their first home in 1987 for $42,500.00 it's probably worth 3 times that now.

by Chris B - 6 years ago

A small Midwest town such as Joplin, MO. There are still liveable homes in the $50,000 region here. Nothing fancy at that price but liveable places in decent neighborhoods.

by bostonianinmo - 6 years ago

Yes it does.Habitat for Humanity helps a GREAT deal if you want to own your own home.

by DaddyDave - 6 years ago