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    We are RENTING a home, can our landlord have an appraiser take pictures of the inside if even THEY HAVN'T seen

    Our landlord is having the house we are renting appraised. They say they need it to refinance..but don't plan to sell the house. The appraiser will be taking pictures of the inside as well as the outside. Our landlords havn't even seen the inside of "our" house. What exactly would be NECESSARY to take pictures of, kitchen, cabinets...i read somewhere that they need to find out the condition of carpets...etc. why would they want the house appraised...knowing that we've occupied the house for more than a year..and if it needs to be "cleaned" that would make or break what the house would be worth? i'm confused...why would they want to have the house appraised in this condition- used. Did i mention..they've never been inside our house..so why do i feel like they are spying...what are our rights..can we restrict certain areas of the house that the appraiser can take pictures of?
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    If you had rented this house from me I would have seen the inside of it while you were living there. Maybe only once, or maybe twice, but I would have seen it. Look at your business arrangement (that's what renting is) from your landlord's point of view. For money, he allows someone else to live in his house. He has a vested interest in making sure that you aren't doing something illegal (like a meth factory), and that you are generally taking care of the place (that you don't have 24 cats on the property, that the garbage isn't two feet deep throughout the whole house, etc.). He isn't interested in a few piles of clutter or laundry. He doesn't care that you have a picture of the canal on your walls, he just wants the walls to be intact. Appraisers look at the interior condition to get a better picture of value. Some things are worth more inside than others. A house with grand crown mouldings, granite counter tops, brazilian cherry flooring (or travertine flooring), etc., is worth more than laminate counter tops with linoleum flooring. The appraiser won't open closets (unless it's a walk in to gauge the size), they generally won't open the cabinets, but they will take pictures. They will want a picture of every room (if they are any good). It isn't a way to spy on you. If they wanted to see the inside, all they have to do is give you 24 hours notice for a landlord inspection and you'd have to let him in. The fact that he has never done this is amazing (and foolish on his part). good luck!
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    • First of all, you are RENTING and it's THEIR house, NOT yours. Second, if they give you notice, they have every right to inspect THEIR house. Getting an appraisal for a refi is a very legitmate reason to ask to see the inside of the house. When I rent out property, I inspect the inside at least once a year if not more. Tenants are notorious for abusing property. I've seen minor plumbing leaks that go unreported and unrepaired that cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. Clearly you have some reason you don't want them in the house. Is it your poor housekeeping or are you growing pot in the bedroom?

      by heart o' gold - a day ago

    • It completely depends on what state you reside in as each state has different tenant / landlord laws, but most likely the law in your state demands 24 hour notice before the owner or their representative can enter the house - I would not be alarmed that your landlord is having the house appraised - It is a necessary step in refinancing and yes, the appraiser needs to see the inside of the house to see what shape it is in for determining value - The appraiser is not looking to see how clean the carpets are, but how updated the interior is, what shape the appliances are in, etc. - When you are thinking about buying a house take a look at my first time homebuyer's video blog seminar I put together: http://www.youtube.com/homebuying - There is a bunch of helpful information about buying a house - Then you wont have to deal with your landlord anymore!

      by coopster - a day ago

    • Sorry, this is NOT "YOUR" house. Considering you have not cleaned the house in a year, you need to get BUSY. Yes, the landlord OWNS the house and can have you EVICTED if needed.

      by hack_ace - a day ago

    • Yes. Your landlord has every right to enter his (that you are renting) appartment. As far as the terms of this that depends on your states laws, but eitherway there should definitely be a clause in your lease that specifically states this, usually with 24 hours notice. As far as his reasoning it is perfectly normal. A lender will not loan money for a property without knowing what it is worth, which is determined by the appraisel, which can not be done without acssesing the interior condition of your appartment. You should have nothing to worry about.

      by the champ is here - a day ago

    • they are within their rights and pictures will be took of structure and house ..he is not spying hes getting an appraisal and will probably not see pics he gets a report from ppl sent in to appraise home.. if home is less then expected he might want to know why and what damage has been done if less then last appraised since homes almost always increase in value unless damaged.

      by Hope P - a day ago

    • Yes, they can't just barge in but with reasonable notice the landlord has a right to check out the property since he/she owns it. They don't need the reason of refinancing to do that. My mom is my landlord. In the city I live in, the city has a law that we have to register the house every year as a rental even though I don't pay rent for it. They come in and inspect all the windows, check for working fire alarms, inspect the circuitbreaker box, etc. and they do not own the property.

      by Slappy - a day ago

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