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    I live on disability. How can I find a cheap, safe place to live that will let me live a decent life style?

    I get just over 1,000.00 a month plus prescriptions and medical. Where and how is the cheapest way to live and still have internet and cable tv? I live in Arkansas. I really need some serious answers. I am getting a divorce and need to find a place to stay where I can be independent. Maybe just a room some one rents is kinda what i am thinking but how do I find one?
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    Craig's list. Some homeowners will rent out a single room or entire garage made into an apartment. Also look at your disability to see if there isn't something you can do to earn your keep. If you for example were in a wheel chair you might be able to make sure the kids got out of the house in the morning and do after school care for free rent. Even if you couldn't watch an infant 10 year olds need watched too.
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    • Apply for HUD rental assistance. Once you are approved, the voucher is good for anywhere in the U.S. If the area you are in now sux, move to a nicer area with your voucher.

      by Whitey McCracker - 3 hours ago

    • Ever thought about hightailing it to Asia. In the Philippines you could get a helper, male or female, for about $60 a month and a two bedroom apartment for about $200 a month. Food is and transport are cheap and beer is a dollar a bottle. These prices are will the dollar rock bottom. When the rate changes, life is really cheap. You will not have to worry about finding a new lady after your divorce. If you require any further information about PI or Thailand, send me an email. jagraphil@yahoo.com

      by scratchpole - 3 hours ago

    • The feds do have a housing program. Just check the blue pages in the phone book or online and they will adjust your rent to how much you make a month. Don't you have the script program from the feds? if you do your scripts should not cost that much.

      by Michael B - 3 hours ago

    • I am a property manager in Kansas and post on craigslist all the time. It's a great resource if you're near a big city. Another good option would be to find out if you qualify for Section 8 Housing. It's a great program, and they have a list of properties that accept the Section 8 Housing Voucher. Copy and paste the link below to find out more info on it: http://www.hud.gov/progdesc/voucher.cfm I know that they keep rigid standards for the properties and where I live they have houses and apartments and mobile homes to choose from. Good luck, and happy home hunting :)

      by mgarness - 3 hours ago

    • I agree with Amanda on the HUD/Section 8 housing. You will basically have your choice as to where to live as long as the landlord is willing to work within the program. If you lived closer, I'd offer up a room. I'm working on getting disability (on round 2 right now) and could really use a room mate to help with monthly bills I can't cover from being out of work. Good luck! ~~D

      by starbaby - 3 hours ago

    • We have several subsidized housing units in my town. They are rather nice (I have been to one in particular numerous times). Not large places, but adequate. Clean, laundry facilities, nice newer kitchens, etc. The rent is based on income. The person I knew made about as much as you. His apartment was $250.00 with all utilities paid (does not include cable and internet). These are apartments, so you will not have to share your home with a roommate. I am sure you must have similar housing in your area. Call the department of Social Services, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

      by maamu - 3 hours ago

    • Well, I would try looking on Craigslist.org, or through Apartments.com. Perhaps your local newspaper has some good finds in the Classified section? You could always ask the Dept. of Children and Families (welfare office) where you live if they could give you some information on cheap housing that is affordable and nice at the same time. You could also contact your local HUD or Habitat for Humanity chapter. The room for rent opion also sounds great, as they charge a lot less than getting your own place. However, if you're a very private person, I'd suggest trying to get your own place. You might feel more gratified that way. Good luck with your move, and with the divorce.

      by Alize - 3 hours ago

    • well, you could go that route, or you could look around at some of the HUD Housing apartment complexes. Sometimes, you can find something pretty decent, and they will work with your income and take into account all of your other expenses. And if you're not able to work, your monthly rent would be pretty cheap. I have a friend that is divorced with two children that moved into a actually pretty decent and very roomy 3 bedroom apartment in a HUD Housing complex. She lost her job and was unable to find work for 3 months. For this time, her monthly rent was $6 a month. They worked with her.

      by gtnlady - 3 hours ago

    • www.craigslist.org go to arkansas (on the right side) room mates section good luck!

      by solgoddess - 3 hours ago

    • First google the support groups for that disability and join forces with them. They would like you as a brother. The trouble with meds it interferes with thinking.

      by senior2tor - 3 hours ago

    • go to a little village in mexico

      by mj1112 - 3 hours ago

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