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    I live in an apartment with my daughter and my neighbor smokes marijuana? What do I do?

    I have been living in an apartment complex for 3 years now, and just recently new tenants across the hall have moved in. Within 2 months, I the hallway has been filled with the smell of marijuana, and I personally do not want my daughter exposed to that, or even the smell. I called the club house for advice and they said to notify the county Police. I would like to place a quick notice on the hallway door (not there door) as a warning. It would go something like:" NOTICE The Police Department will be notified for any use, or suspecion of use (including smell), of illegal substances including marijunana. " Should I go ahead and post it, and call if they smoke up again? I had this problem with my old apartment complex and did nothing and regret it to this day. Advice please.
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    Why don't you try approaching them and let them know that the smell is coming out into the halls? They probably don't even realize it since smokers can't smell their own smoke. And I'm sure they don't want everyone knowing that they are smoking pot in there. And I also agree with the others that said use this time to talk with your daughter about drugs. Perfect opputunity to let her see what it smells like in case she ever comes across it. Of course if you're afraid to approach them then go ahead and post your sign. But you do take a chance on offending more than them with your sign since there are more pot smokers out there than you realize. Just because you haven't seen or smelled it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So my advise is to speak directly to the people you have the problem with. Just introduce yourself as a neighbor and mention you have been smelling pot recently in the hallways. You don't have to point any fingers. They will get it. NO they are not all idiots people. No more so than people that continued to drink during prohibition.
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    • If this is an issue you dislike, you have the right to file a formal complaint with both your landlord & the proper authorities. I personally would pass a blind eye if someone was just smoking and respectful of others air too. The person could put a towel on the doorway or something to keep the smell in the apartment & not leaking out into the common hallway. If the smoker is a quiet & respectful neighbor, count your blessings. Living in a apartment complex surely has its cons, the strongest probably being rude or dangerous neighbors so close. Maybe an anonymous letter in the mail would be better to start with & simply ask the smoker to please keep the smell away from the common hallway. Explain yourself in a polite manner & assurance of looking the other way so long as the smell does not affect your common areas. Chances are they would compromise their current habits & cover the smell better, to avoid law enforcement & landlords knocking on their door. As a mother who lives in rental property with close neighbors, you should use your best judgment about all factors, so whatever decision you choose to make you will have given it some actual attention.

      by "Downtown" - 20 hours ago

    • they are doing something illegal and the police should be notified for the safety of your daughter. They could be using other drugs that you can't smell

      by whata waste - 20 hours ago

    • You shouldn't threaten them, if you want to be anonymous then do so, just leave a note for them, saying you can smell the illegal substance that they are using, and that they need to remedy it. I think just mentioning it would have an effect. Word it in a good way with out threatening. I doubt that they are aware of the smell.

      by krennao - 20 hours ago

    • Sign idea sounds great. Try it and if it doesn't work..let the landlord or the cops know. That's not something you and your daughter should have to deal with. You have lived there 3 years....you have rights. Take care.

      by mamab - 20 hours ago

    • that's a really good idea, but just make sure your neighbor doesn't find out it was you who posted that sign, because you don't know what kind of people he is, whatever you do, just be careful, take care and I hope everything works out the way you want it... JJ

      by ColombianoNY - 20 hours ago

    • yes, i would say to def proceed with making some sort of sign, and placing it in plain view. not only is marijuana illegal, but also the fact that they are using it in an apartment complex is absolutely selfish, rude, and all around ignorant. so yes, the person(s) should def be warned, and if they continue to go on ahead and ignore your sign, then i would call your local police department.

      by miss kimi - 20 hours ago

    • there is nothing you can do. my cousin had the same problem and even called the cops a couple of times. Police won't do anything since people smoke within their own apartment, don't sell it and don't act crazy. My cousin had to move out. sorry...

      by Yana - 20 hours ago

    • When it happens again, call the police - illegal is illegal. Notify the apartment complex's security or building manager. If these people are renters, the building or complex management needs to contact the owner so that the offenders can be evicted. If they are owners of the unit, the board of directors may be able to have them evicted because of the illegal activity. Continue doing this until the offenders are evicted or your lease expires and you can move.

      by Willow Natalia - 20 hours ago

    • Before you post a letter, you need to get permission from the landlord. You may get in trouble for posting without permission. If the new neighbors are fairly reasonable (as most potheads are) you can try talking to them. You could tell them that the odor coming from their apartment is offensive and could they please put a towel under the door if they are doing something that is going to smell up the hallway. If you feel it is appropriate you could say something about not wanting it to influence your young child.

      by mocristy - 20 hours ago

    • yes i definetley think you should post it. It's not good to expose your daughter to things like that. And if the do smoke up again deifentley call the cops!

      by lala - 20 hours ago

    • dont call the cops, just post a note that says the hallway stinks and i dont want children in the area exposed to this please control the smoke coming from your apartment that alone will scare them enough to think about the surrounding area

      by invest_in_nuclear - 20 hours ago

    • You are making this more complicated than it has to be. The next time you smell pot, call the police and tell them which apartment you suspect that it's coming from, period. Keep in mind that if they are smoking pot, they may be doing other drugs. I think I would be more concerned about the welfare of my daughter than giving a drug-user a notice. The apartment complex can't do anything because they are not the police...it's your word against theirs, but if you call the police, the police find drugs, and they are arrested, the apartment actually then has grounds for eviction.

      by Expert Realtor - 20 hours ago

    • i say smoke it with him it is not that bad LOL

      by jasmin g - 20 hours ago

    • OR, you could use this as an opportunity to talk to your child about drugs and why she shouldn't use them. And then let it go. You will not be able to protect your child out in the real world. Isn't it better she be exposed to it while under your care and influence??? Rather than the first time while she's away from home and alone? Edit: True Story. I stopped on my home from work to buy 12 crickets to feed my kids' lizards. TWELVE!! The kid at the store helping me reeked of pot, eyes glazed over, etc. I ask for 12 crickets. He gets a one gallon ziplock and puts in TWO SCOOPS of crickets. Easily several hundred crickets, if not more. I tell him, "Dude, that is way more than 12." He says, "Just take 'em man," I go home with the crickets, call my kids around the kitchen table, and show them the affect of pot on the brain....makes you stupid, give you bad judgment. My kids, grown now, all still remember that lesson. Don't miss your opportunity.

      by Richard F - 20 hours ago

    • I think you should mind your own business. Unless of course they are harassing you or your child.

      by Truce - 20 hours ago

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