I have no kids and barely enough money to pay rent, bills etc, where can i get help?

I live in Delaware. I have no kids and I am not disabled. The job that I have is basically minimuim wage, i have been working it for 7 yrs. By the time I pay my rent, utilities,gas,insurance I have no money leftover. I am not disabled and i do not take care of anyone but myself. I see everyone else having programs and things that grant them help. What about the people that don't have a family and want help too? My credit isn't the best and it isnt the worst. I have a few little credit cards but nothing major. I want to buy a home but I don't think i can do that with out some startup help.

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You are in your situation by choice. You are choosing to work for minimum wage. While this is a free country and you are free to make that choice is unreasonable to expect tax payers to just fork over money so you can have an easy job.

If you want to live a differant life then make other choices that will obtain the goals that you want.

6 years ago

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ask a church for help.

by BOB Barkers - 6 years ago

A decent solution to your problem is get a better job.

by TypicalOne - 6 years ago

welfare, govt. assistance

by Nicole M - 6 years ago

There's not any help for single people. Try going back to school. If you've been working someplace for 7 years and are still just making minimum wage, you need a new job.

by Robin - 6 years ago

Get a second job and work hard. You will be able to pay your bills, and you'll have the satisfaction of doing it on your own.

by whotoblame - 6 years ago

Get out of Delaware and go somewhere that offers you more choices. If you have no kids and are able bodied, then there is nothing stopping you. Good luck!

by shoby_shoby2003 - 6 years ago

There are alot of programs available for disabled people who are stuggling at home. Try to google it, and if u dont have a computer, go to your local library and try there. U can also try foundations like the Fannie May Foundation

by amazing Cheesehead - 6 years ago

I think that you should consider focusing on getting a better paying job if you would like your quality of living to improve. We must rely on ourselves for this and not others. You can not expect other people to pay for things for you.
I would also like to have a house, but I work a second job to save for my down payment. You may want to consider the same.
You may want to go back to school while you are working full time. You should be eligible for finacial aid at school and then should be able to get a better paying job if you are unable to now.

by aitkenpatty - 6 years ago

well i'm kinda a kid but hey who said i couldn't help if i was you i would take little steps maybe say to friend can you plz take care of my kids and then work 2 jobs don't rush and make sure that you now what you wantoh yes and maybe ask friends for a bit of money until you get everythink ok and then pay them back

by Nagy K - 6 years ago

get a second job, or go into a job where you can earn more than minimum wage like in the restaurant business or selling something.

by techbankguy - 6 years ago

Try the department of social services. They base their help to you by your income at least thats how that do it here in NY. They could possibly pay your rent and give you food stamps. Or you could do what I do. I am single and 32 years old and work a full time job and go to college online to better myself. I drive school bus in the day time Monday thru Friday and off on the weekends. I do my college work when I get home from work and on the weekends and eventually I will be more succesful and have a better job and more income to pay all my bills. Good luck to you.

by stone_froze - 6 years ago

Try calling United Way. The number is in the phone book. Find out if you can get help for food, clothing, utilities, housing, education, etc. Also call the Salvation Army and see if they have suggestions. Try Habitat for Humanity and see if you qualify. You could try your local county govt-their social service agencies. You could call different schools and check if they have scholarships or programs. Don't give up. There is a way for you to get ahead. Also pray and ask God (the Christian God), for wisdom and direction.

by jessalynn - 6 years ago

try a part time second job, that's what many people do in your position. Good luck

by Pobept K - 6 years ago

The problem is, your current job won't give you any skills for a better one and you don't have the education to get an entry-level position where a larger company would train you for something better.

Education is the key, and things will never, ever change for you if you don't go to college.

You don't have to have money to go, you can get financial aid. You can also live on campus, you can even eat there, and everything will be included in your financial aid.

I would suggest that you speak to an admissions counselor, while you are STILL young, and don't have children to get you out of the rut...because I am here to tell you, it will NEVER get any better unless you really, really want it to and are willing to do the work to get there.

by Mary B - 6 years ago

You have 1 job and no kids. While getting a second job sounds like a good option, it really is not, it's just prolonging the stagnation. The only thing that will pull you out of your situation is a better job and that means more education. Use the time you have now when not working or sleeping to go back to school. You need a carreer, not a new job. Decide what you want to do and go to one of those tech schools that you see advertised during Judge Judy. They put them there for a reason, they figure if you are watching it, you are not working. Even community colleges offer 18 month programs and it does not cost much. You can apply for financial aide and grants, but do look for a free handout, look for a means to an end.

Best of luck to you.

by Gregorio - 6 years ago

Get a better job. Seriously - if you've been there for 7 years and make close to minimum wage, you are working for the wrong company. Find someone who treats their employees better. Look for companies that offer benefits like job training for advancements and tuition assistance then get a better education so you can take care of yourself better.

Live cheaper so you can save some money. Get a smaller apartment or a roommate, cancel unnecessary expenses like Netflix or gym membership. Cook at home instead of eating out.

You should rely on yourself to make the life you want - not ask for hand outs. Like you said, you're not disabled and you're not taking care of other people, so take responsibility for yourself and your situation.

by Brandi C - 6 years ago

Friends and family

by frankie b - 6 years ago

Millions of people go through the same thing. I did too many years ago. I had to get a second job. You should either find another job, get another job, finder a cheaper apartment or see if there are any free classes with employment agencies that train you to have more skills so you can get a better job.

Most people can't get handouts. You have to work your butt off to get by and improve yourself to make yourself more marketable. Minimum wage just wont cut it.

by KitKat - 6 years ago