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    Can a family with small Children be evicted in Winter months in Vermont?

    A friend of mine has fallen behind on his rent,due to unexpected unemployment. He has started working again but is being threatened with Eviction. They have a 2 1/2 year old and a 11 month old living with them. I seem to recall there being some stipulation about evicting small children during the winter months. They can not afford a move at this time and would literally be homeless. I have tried searching the Vermont Statutes, but have not found anything. Does anyone know if it is legal for them to be put out on the streets during winter?
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    There are no laws about being evicted in winter when you have small children- the only laws I know of that involve small children is that you cannot turn off the power immediately (if they don't pay the bill) to a house with very young children. Try talking to the landlord and let them know the situation. If the renters have been good tenants other then the last month or so then the landlord should be willing to give an extension, but if this goes on for more than two months then the landlord will most likely evict them.
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    • It isn't against the law to evict them. I recommend talking to the landlord about the situation. Sometimes they are willing to work with a tenant to pay the back rent. I rent out several houses and I know that I am willing to work with most people especially if they are otherwise good tenants.

      by EJ - 13 hours ago

    • Having small children doesn't absolve him of his obligations to pay rent. Can he ask the landlord about a payment plan to get caught up? If he has been a good tenant, I suspect the landlord will be willing to listen. If he has been a PITA, the eviction may continue. Can he get a roommate or a second job to help get caught up?

      by godged - 13 hours ago

    • sad to say that eviction papers have no regard to the weather or what season it may be. Yes, you can be evicted at any given time.

      by Ricky H - 13 hours ago

    • Yes, it's legal. A landlord's only concern is getting their rent money. They cannot be forced to rent their property rent free just because someone has small children. Sorry.

      by Eraserhead - 13 hours ago

    • I don't know of any law that says this. Your friend signed a lease and he has to go by the rules or face eviction. Since he's now working again, he just needs to go to the leasing office and explain his situation. He may or may not have to pay late fees, depending on how nice the leasing office is, but at least he's making an attempt to pay his rent.

      by 2Beagles - 13 hours ago

    • have them contact dept. of social services.

      by curmudgeon - 13 hours ago

    • I'm sorry to say that is a myth that will not go away. It is legal for them to be put out at any time per a court order. I've seen people with children be put out just before Christmas.

      by Trouble - 13 hours ago

    • Let them move in with you. Its not the landloards problem to house this family. The landloard still has to make the Mtg payment on the prop.

      by Leo F - 13 hours ago

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