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    I Just Got My California Real Estate License, Now What?!?

    I just got my California Real Estate License, so now where do I go from here? Can I also be a loan officer? I'm so confused, someone help me! =)
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    Move to Texas, and take the test here. California Real estate scene sucks right now. Nothing's moving there.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Interview several brokers until you find one you like, that offers excellent training and support, has a congenial atmosphere, and a record of success - plus a good reputation. Ask what they pay for and what you will have to pay for. Then, get out there! Let everybody you know hear that you are in real estate now - shout it to the skies, email and snail mail everybody with your new business card, send out marketing materials and advertise yourself. Create a business plan and work your business plan. Ask your broker for help developing one, or go to a SCORE volunteer. As a newbie, look for a mentor in your office. Ask to ride along on showings and watch closings. Offer to sit open houses, for exposure. You could be a loan officer, but I think that requires a different set of skills and experience and training - and could be a conflict of interest to your potential real estate clients, so be careful. I don't see how you can effectively pursue 2 new careers at the same time - invest your time and energy into just 1, and strive to succeed at that one. Good luck and best wishes.

      by venicefloridarealtor - an hour ago

    • There's already some great advice in here, so I'm not going to waste your time duplicating what's already here. What I will tell you is there are others in your same situation...I just received my FL License and I'm still clueless about selling property...but I knew that going into training and completely expected to have only "cracked the door" after I graduated. My advantage is that I have several friends who are successful in the realestate business and are giving me pointers and guidance. I'll be starting part-time and building my business. But I know what it means to give good customer service, and to "sell one's self", and I feel that that's the key to being successful in this business. .... so get out there, sell yourself...let everyone know what you do....find a good broker who offers training, and follow the advice of experts like venicefl ( http://www.searchforvenice.com ) and others in here and begin to build your business. Wishing your great success.

      by talldude - an hour ago

    • Aren't you working for a broker? You ought to get some experience first before jumping into other fields. You must take more classes for other sectors of real estate. This is a very tough market to start! you may be paying out more than you take in...but experience is necessary...then when the market opens up you will be ready!

      by bartliddy - an hour ago

    • Study, Study, Study ... and make sure that you get good at what you're doing. Don't try to be everything to everybody. This isn't rocket surgery ... Learn everything you can about being an agent and do it well or don't do it at all. You'll only get yourself into trouble.

      by Your Maryland 'Net Realtor - an hour ago

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