Why would my mortgage company send someone to take pictures of my house?

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Pictures are taken before you own the house for an appraisal. Pictures after you own the house are for a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO). The BPO is used for 2 reasons. Either when a bank is about to foreclose on a house and they need to determine the value in going forward with listing it OR the original company that had the mortgage is selling it (or being transfered) to another lending company. These days, with many motgage companies going out of business it's very lkely that the loans will be picked up by other banks but only after the value of the property is confirmed.


7 years ago

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Are you behind in payments? It could be what is known as a BPO or Broker Price Opinion. Typically done when properties are in default to establish an opinion of market value. Could also be that they are selling the loan and need evidence of property condition to substantiate the sale.

by Property Doc - 7 years ago

It could be any of several things that prompted them to do it, but the objective is to document the existence and condition of the collateral used to secure the lien.

by Chuck92121 - 7 years ago

It is collateral on the loan.


by godged - 7 years ago

For the appraisal and also to make sure you are keeping up the property. Buried in your mortgage is that clause that you have to keep it up. The house is really the banks until you pay off your mortgage. They are protecting their investment.

by dragonfly_3 - 7 years ago

In almost all mortgage situations photos are taken of the home to prove its existence and help determine condition. Many FHA appraisals require photos of all sides of the home.
Don't be worried about this. Its common and normal.


by Traveler - 7 years ago

I don't like people coming by to take pictures of my house, If they d they should let you know who they are I don't like them taken pictures while my grandkids are outside, kinda scary now a days who knows what they are doing

by Charlene - 2 months ago