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    How much is a typical relocation package that is offered by a company to move you for a new job?

    We may be moving from KC to Denver. Obviously we would need a loan to buy a new house, down payment, moving costs, temporary housing etc etc etc. How much can I negotiate concerning a typical relocation package for a law firm. Also, I have no idea how much relocation will actually cost me..... Thanks!!!!
    9 months ago 3 Answers

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    It really depends on the job and the company. I have a friend who relocated from Brooklyn to Dallas to take a new position as a fashion buyer; her employer put her and her family up in a corporate-owned apartment for 90 days while they looked for a home, and she submitted all the movers' bills for reimbursement. They also paid the airfare for the whole family to get to Texas and reimbursed them for having their car shipped. But another friend of mine moved from Chicago to Philly to accept a position with a major hospital (he's an oncologist) and they didn't pay a penny. Some companies have strict policies that they do not pay relocation, some do. Your best bet is to ask them what they can offer, and get some in-writing quotes from movers to see what it will cost to move your stuff. Don't expect many extras; the actual cost of the move might be covered but the down-payment on your new home most likely will not.
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    • It really is all over the board. Many factors come into play: 1. How badly the company wants you. 2. What the company's relocation policies are. 3. How valuable of an employee you are to the company. It seems higher up executives get everything paid for because the companies are desperate for these people. Since lawyers are a dime a dozen, unless your a hotshot lawyer who is in high demand in a very narrow field you might have to take whatever they are willing to offer you. Hope this helps. Terry S. http://www.Welcome2Arizona.com

      by Terry S - 17 hours ago

    • This seems to vary widely with company policy. I have a friend who was moved from Philly to Texas and the company advanced them the down payment for their new house, paid moving expenses and all travel costs for the family. This was 2 parents and 4 kids. When their house sold here in Philly, the family paid the company back for the down payment on the house that was advanced to them. The company i am with now relocated one person from Pittsburgh to Philly. We paid moving expenses and that is all. Nothing else was covered. If the company is willing to negotiate with you, ask what you think is fair. Moving costs and travel expenses to the new place seem fair to me. If you have to sell a house, and don't have the deposit to put on a new place, then asking for an advance for down payment which would be repaid upon sale of the current property doesn't seem to much to ask for. The company is still only really paying out moving costs and travel expenses. Good luck!

      by Patrick - 17 hours ago

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