For appraisal value, does a garage count in the square footage of a home or does actual living space all that?


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Just the actual living space counts for square footage, but the garage will be a part of the appraised value.

7 years ago

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by bavery42289 - 7 years ago

Heated living space only.

by bostonianinmo - 7 years ago

garage adds value
square footage of house usually measured by area heated/cooled and designed for live in

by fretochose - 7 years ago

The square footage is just living space. BUT the garage will add value to the home and raise the appraisal/sale price accordingly. A house with a garage can be sold for more than a house without one.

by SU - 7 years ago

It doesn't count as square footage because it is not actual living space if it is not insulated and deemed hospitable. It does enhance the property value for vehicle storage. People will pay more to be able to safely store their vehicle as opposed to having to leave it on the street or a driveway.

by Cinderelly - 7 years ago

Garages? NO
Sun rooms? NO
Basements? NO

by I_Love_McRedneck - 7 years ago

The garage does not count towards to the square footage of the home. Although a nice garage can add to the appraisal value -- a three car garage that can also house a boat has more value than a one-car garage.

In this manner - a person cannot increase the square footage of their home by simply putting up sheds in the backyard.

by Eric C - 7 years ago

Nope, just above-ground living space. (Basements are not counted either).


by benebuck8 - 7 years ago