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    How can I find out who owns the apartment complex i live in?

    im trying to find out who owns my apartment complex; the manager has refused to give me the info and i have searched and searched for this info to no avail. what i did find out was minimal, and gave me a company by the name of kae but no number and thats NOT the name of the apartment complex i live in. The manager sucks and i need to report her work ethics to the owner of the property as i think they would be interested in knowing they have nothing but alcoholics running the building!! any advice is appreciated
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    All of that information is public record. Do a search on the county that you live in and find the property appraiser's website then search by address to get the owner's name and address. If it comes up as a corporation-many will. Then go to the search for the state department of corporations. That will give you the officers. Then google or go to white.pages.com for phone numbers. Good luck.
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    • Do a web search for the real estate tax records for the county in which you live. Most now have the property information online. Hunt around the site for a little bit and you'll probably find a link to the tax records. If you enter the address - the main address for the complex - it should link you to the tax records, which will have the owner's name. If, by chance, you're in GA, I can be more specific. Update your question, with the county name, and I'll walk you through it.

      by CJKatl - 8 hours ago

    • Check your lease, if you can't find info on that. Check with your local Housing Authority and they can help you find the proper chanels to report your landlord and possibly who owns the complex. Good Luck

      by deelicious - 8 hours ago

    • Check the real estate tax records for your county. Most of them are posted online and you can just type in an address and find out who is paying taxes on that property.

      by ♫ Sweet Honesty ♫ - 8 hours ago

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