How big is 40 acres of land?

My dream is to have a bunch of land in Wyoming, where I can ride a horse all over the place and still be on my own land. I've seen 40-acre plots of land advertised for sale, and I'm wondering if that would be the right size for me. I don't have money to buy any land now, but I want to know for future reference so I can have some idea of how much money I'd need to save up for a down payment (that is, I want to know whether I need to save up money for more than one 40-acre plot).
I have an idea of how big one acre is, because I've lived on 1-2 acres of land. What I want is a better idea of exactly how big 40 acres is. For example, if it's a square, how many miles long would it be on each side? I'm just trying to get a good picture in my head.

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An acre is about the same size as a football field, just imagine 40 of them. You should shoot for 20%, and can likely get away with 10% down. If you have to wait until the mortgage crisis ends, you might be able to get away with 5% down.


7 years ago

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I tell you one thing its very big.
40 acres very big plot.

by Shane - 7 years ago

Not toooooooo big, there are many bigger things, realise!!!

by Cool Business Guy - 7 years ago

40 acres if in a perfect square would be 1,320 ft on each side


there are 640 acres in a square mile, so you would have 1/16th of a square mile

by Craig T - 7 years ago

An acre is 43,560 sf so 40 acres would be 1,742,400 sf and there 5280 feet in a mile.


by Leo F - 7 years ago

A 40 acre square (standard unit of measure for a typical rural land plot) is a square that is 1/4 mile on each side. So you would need 640 acres to own 1 square mile of land.

by Brian S - 6 months ago