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    Wanting to move to North Carolina; what are some of the pros and cons?

    If we do move I'll be transfering from my job in Nevada to somewhere in NC. Housing looks affordable and the area looks beautiful. But, what's the weather like as far as hurricanes and tornadoes. I can get used to the humidty, but does it rain constantly and is it a good rain or a pain in the *** rain. How's the crime rate, schools, and locals. We don't want to move into a big city either. We currently live in a town with about 14,000 people in it and like the small town feel and we don't mind having to travel a couple 100 miles to get to the big city. Any suggestions.
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    I grew up there and go back to see family but haven't lived there for a long time so my answer may be a bit dated. Still, I loved it. Yes it is humid, but not that humid. Its pretty hot in the summer, and nice in the winter. It can get cold but rarely snows (maybe 0-2 times per year). You have the mountains on the west and beaches on the east. Kinda hilly in the middle. Hurricanes hit every so often but this only affects the beach areas, and its easy to get out before the hurricane hits. There are lots of smaller towns and a few big ones. Crime rate is ok to low, schools are not great but also ok, locals are very friendly. Overal I'd highly reccommend it but then again I did grow up there so I may be a bit biased. Best luck.
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