moving a double wide home?

I live in a mobile home park where i own the home and rent the land, I have a 1995 double wide home, the wheels are still under it, I was thinking if the owner of the park will be able to move the home to a different area of the park, Will it be a major job to move? Its only a few houses away, but right now my back yard needs alot of mowing and a trail is behind it, which i get alot of 4 wheelers and kids walking across my yard, this area would be more private

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to move a double wide home you have to split it into two and move each piece seperetly that will up the cost and then you have to zipp it back together, will be more hastle then any thing. Might not be worth it if your only going a couple houses over.

7 years ago

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i know it expencive about 8,000. to 10,000. to move it and set it back up but i dont see why not if its more privite for you then i would i also live in a mobile home park and just recently moved here and when we moved he i asked how much it would cost if i ever wanted to move it to a diffrent spot and thats what they said

by pineda218 - 7 years ago

You will have to find a professional modular moving company. It takes specialized equipment and skills to tear down, relocate and re-set mobile homes.

It could easily cost more than $10K to relocate that small distance. And you will have to have it all up front. If your going to pay that kind of money, you'd be better off moving it to a property you own.

Oh, it will be very difficult to find professionals who will relocate a privately owned residential mobile home. There are too many liability problems and the really good companies will only do commercial modulars or brand new residential.

by bdancer222 - 7 years ago