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    If you pay "first and last" month's rent, do you have to pay last month's rent?
    i am moving out in less than 30 days... and when i first moved into my apartment, i paid the first, last and security depoit. will i have to pay the last months rent since i already paid it? what are the chances of getting the interest on the last month's rent stated on the lease and what are the chances of getting my security deposit back while there's no damage to the property. also, my grandmother passed away a few days ago, and she left me her cat. she and i were extremely close, and her cat is the only thing i have to remember her by. (she loved cats). the landlord doesn't allow pets of any kind (he wouldn't even allow my dog to stay with us for a week while my parents were on vacation.) i have my grandmother's cat living with me now, but i didn't ask for permission. the cat had no where else to go and it really means alot to me. since i'll be moving in less than 30 days, will this be a large problem? I know it depends on the landlord, but any advice will be appreciated.
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    Yes, and then after you move out, first and last month along with your security deposit will be refunded.
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    • what do you think "first and LAST" means?

      by shelcom - 17 hours ago

    • First of all I am sorry, I have recently lost my granny and she was the most Important person I'm my life. As far as I know the last month rent covers the month after you have moved and it there is no damage and you leave the apartment spotless then you should get your deposit back even though landlords always try to square you out of it. For the Cat, I would just try to keep her on the D.L. keep the blinds shut so she/he doestint sit in the windows and the manager can see. You should have no problems if you dont let your manager see the cat.

      by MF - 17 hours ago

    • No, you do not have to pay your last month's rent, because you already did. As far as keeping the cat in the apartment without permission...if your landlord finds out he may keep your secuirty deposit. It all depends on what it says on your lease.

      by freckledshanna - 17 hours ago

    • You are supposed to get interest on your deposit, you shouldn't have to pay your last months rent once it's included. and keep the cat on the DL. although he might hold your deposit, cause cats are smelly and can be easily dectected ( plus keep him/her) out of the windows. Good luck.

      by Jenohio - 17 hours ago

    • You are still suppose to pay the last months rent. They ask that you pay last months rent up front as security that you won't jip them in the end. It is for their protection, but they should reimburse you the last months rent you paid up front as well as the deposit after they do the final walk through of the place. As far as the cat goes, What the owner doesn't know won't hurt him Especially if you are moving out in 30 days anyways, I wouldn't worry about it. That cat is important. That is why you gave him a security deposit anyway. So just make sure the cat doesn't spray in the house or cause any damage to the carpet and it really shouldn't be a problem, just don't let the owner see the cat, or he can get you for violation of the lease. If you know he is coming make sure you get the cat out of the house in advance.

      by ?? yaddajean ?? - 17 hours ago

    • I don't know where you are but it sounds like you have already paid your last month's rent. As for the cat, you are breaking the terms of the lease, but is it likely that anyone will really know about the cat?

      by mefrancis - 17 hours ago

    • usually when u pay lasts month rent its the month before check ur financial records and make sure before u get a lawsuit better safe than sorry!

      by AxlRose - 17 hours ago

    • Yes, you are obligated under the contract to pay. The last month rent when you are asked to pay "first and last" is intended to be a security deposit against damage you might have done to the property. At the conclusion of the lease you will be entitled to a refund of the security deposit. The failure to pay each month rent puts you in breach of lease and could subject you to legal troubles.

      by Andrew - 17 hours ago

    • no, of course not

      by Tyler C. - 17 hours ago

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