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    Where's the cheapest and safest city to live in California?

    Hi there. I've come across a couple of similar questions, but with differing answers. Basically, my Mum 2 younger brothers and I will be moving to California shortly. I don't know how long we will be there, maybe a month or two, or maybe more. Hence I was thinking we'd live in an extended-stay motel or something, then if we still live there, move to an apartment or condo. However, I have about the high costs of living, and was hoping that someone could tell me where would be a good city/area to go to, somewhere not too expensive, is safe and has access to facilities (ie, not in the middle of nowhere) If the area is good for tech jobs, all the better. Thanks
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    The tech jobs are all located in high cost areas. You can go pretty far north, at least 50 miles north of Sacramento and housing becomes more like the rest of the country. The cities are safe for the most part. If you need to go south Bakersfield is fairly inexpensive, because it is in a desert. There are actually jobs there too. There are several prisons and it is a trucking hub. I have not heard anything indicating it is unsafe.
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    Other Answers

    • Anyplace south of Sacramento will be expensive to live but will have many good job opportunities. Silicon Valley is excellent for tech jobs. Anyplace North of Sacramento will be safer and cheaper but the jobs will be a challenge to find in the tech field. Try Sacramento, Davis or Chico or maybe even Red Bluff or Redding.

      by ? - 12 hours ago

    • That's kind of an oxymoron sorry to tell you. Usually the "safe" areas are more expensive. Two very safe cities are Irvine and Lake Forest. However, both are expensive. There are a lot of tech jobs in that area too.

      by jenlovely01 - 12 hours ago

    • The safest city in California is South Los Angeles( formerly south central L.A) Guarantee

      by SOK C - 12 hours ago

    • The safest city to live in in California is Doyle in South Lassen County. By the way I am THE ALL AMERICAN

      by Sloan R - 12 hours ago

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