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    Is it against the law to rent a house or apartment to an illegal alien in USA?

    I see more and more illegal aliens living in apartments near my house in Sullivan County, NY. Sometimes, they come to ask if I want to rent an apartment on top of my garage that I have for guests. The say they don’t have “papers”, and I say: it's not for rent. I wonder why they let me know about their legal status.
    7 months ago 11 Answers

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    It is illegal in CA. I would assume it is elsewhere as well. To knowingly harbor a criminal is against the law everywhere that I know of.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Fact: to allow someone to continue to committ a crime knowingly is a crime in itself it has nothing to do with whether they are green, purple, brown or chartruse.

      by newmexicorealestateforms - 13 hours ago

    • It may be illegal to discriminate against a renter based on their skin color... But you can still require a background or credit check to ensure you are renting to a trustworthy person regardless of what color they are. Not renting to someone who has no paperwork is not against the law. Where I live you can't even LOOK at an apartment without letting them xerox your ID. And I'm pretty freaking white. I wouldn't expect someone to rent me anything without me being able to prove I'm a responsible person. I wouldn't walk into an apartment office with no ID, no proof of income, etc and expect them to give me an apartment. It doesn't have anything to do with color. My friend is very trustworthy and very white and he can't get an apartment at places that require background checks because he has a blemish on his criminal record. He saw a man assaulting a pregnant friend of his. The man (the baby's father) was punching her in the stomach trying to cause her to miscarry because he didn't want a baby. So my friend decked the guy and he got sent to jail for it. And you know what? He would do it again if he had to because it was the right thing to do, it was worth going to jail over to get that guy to stop punching the pregnant girl in the stomach. All you gotta do is require they pass a background/credit check no matter what color they are. The illegals won't be able to pass that check, and you are less likely to get ripped off by someone who makes a habit of not paying their debts. You don't want to rent an apartment to someone who doesn't pay their debts, no matter what color they are. That is not discrimination, it's responsible lending, and it's called CYA. So nyah. =P My landlord is probably an illegal immigrant. Maybe here on faked documents. But they made us pass a credit check and we didn't think twice about it, because it's NORMAL for a landlord to require a credit check. They have to know the renter is good for the money. You can require references if you want. You can charge extra for every single animal in that house. You can put a lot in a lease agreement. You can say "no exotic animals, and that includes fish." I rented an apartment where we were not allowed to have a goldfish because it was considered an "exotic animal." You can require every single adult over 18 living there signs the lease agreement. And in order to sign the lease agreement they gotta pass a background check... That keeps twenty people from living there for the price of one. Isn't there a limit to how many people you're allowed to let live there anyway? Some laws put a limit on how many people can live in so much space. Don't discriminate on anyone based on their color so you can't get in trouble from some equal opportunity nonsense. DO require criminal background checks and credit checks regardless of the person's skin color and you could save yourself money by covering your butt against high-risk renters. And hey mister anti-ignorant over there... I agree it's ignorant to stereotype and say all immigrants are untrustworthy or whatever. It's also ignorant to say all immigrants are really hard workers. Some are and some aren't. I see examples of both every day because I live in Arizona and I see illegal immigrants every day. I know illegal immigrants who are here with faked documents that they used to get a job. Some of them bust their hump and are very hard workers. Some of them stand around and chit chat all day. Just like anybody else. You can't say someone is a hard worker or a slacker based on their skin color or on the fact they are an illegal immigrant. But saying all illegal immigrants are breaking the law, that's a fact. If you are here illegally, you are in definition breaking the law. Breaking the law makes you a criminal. Being a criminal doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad person, it just means you broke the law. And if we don't punish people of ALL colors for breaking the law, then everyone would break the law. There would be no incentive to follow the rules. You can't reward people for breaking the laws no matter what color they are. We have laws for a good reason.

      by pixysnot - 13 hours ago

    • It might not be just yet...but hopefully soon. There are too many illegals running around in this country...they do not only break the immigration laws they put a heavy burden on our social services. They take jobs and services from Americans. Moreover, the benefits they bring (cheap labor) fall short of the cost of keeping them. I wound not only not rent to illegals , I would not hire them either... People who hire them promote them... Soon they will be the majority...and then what?

      by kalamity - 13 hours ago

    • It is a crime to be enter the country without proper authorisation. Therefore, if you are aware of the crime (and if it can be proven), by not reporting the crime you are automatically considered an accessory. People usually get away with it though and they are paid in cash and can evade paying taxes on the extra income. More crimes! The world is full of crooks isn't it. Don't report anyone though, these poor people like your country.

      by Jim Yaghi - 13 hours ago

    • All "Hoo-Hah" aside I am a landlord and I live one county north of you and no, it is not illegal to rent to undocumented aliens. Is it a good idea? That's up to you! Surprisingly most of the Pros and Cons have been brought up in all of the answers up to this point. 1st let me say I have travelled both to, and through some of the countries that a lot of these folks have come from, and I would love to have the vast majority of them as tenants or neighbors. But there is very little chance thatif something bad were to happen that you could successfully bring them to court and collect a judgement from them. And I would never move anyone into a home I owned without a good credit check and a good criminal background check, and that goes for someone who came over onthe Mayflower as well!

      by vlvtnrbt - 13 hours ago

    • I actually know a couple lenders that will lend money to them to buy a home, without being citizens.

      by marxistharpist - 13 hours ago

    • It is illegal to discriminate. In all states you can not refuse to rent because of the person's skin color, religion, gender - or sexual orientation in some states. It is illegal to hire an undocumented alien but that is a different story. You would be breaking no laws to rent - maybe by telling you that they are un documented they are letting you know that they will be paying in cash that will not be traced.

      by justwondering - 13 hours ago

    • it may be in your town or city. some cities are adopting that law. check with your local government office they probably tell you because they do not have references either.

      by island3girl - 13 hours ago

    • I can't believe some of the incredibly IGNORANT remarks some people have made on here. How are you going to compare an illegal immirgant to a drug dealer or a criminal when they work harder and longer hours than 95% of the people in this country. Plus, you are not by any means an accesory to their illegal entry just by renting them a room. If it weren't for these illegals in this country, the country would FALL APART!!!! They do all the jobs that no one wants to do or that Lazy Americans want to get paid ridiculous amounts for. Why do you think our wonderful president pushed so hard for the immigration bill that ultimately failed? He knows that they are the labor force that drives this country. Where do you people think everyone in this country decended from? If you aren't a Native American, then guess what....your an ancestor of an IMMIGRANT!!!!! But to answer your question, no. It is NOT illegal. Many cities and states, particularly states that border Mexico such as Texas, have tried to impliment laws that would penalize anyone renting to an illegal immigrant. It is considered unfair discrimination according to the ACLU and no such legislation barring renting to illegals has ever been passed. In the end it is your decision who you want to rent to. More than likely they just told you because they are honest people. All they want to do is work hard for their families here in the US or in their home countries. They aren't criminals and I guarantee if you rent to them, you'll get cash every month and you'll get it ON TIME. Again in the end it's your decision, but it isn't illegal.

      by logic_150 - 13 hours ago

    • Yes, it is. Why would you rent to lawbreakers anyway? You sure do not rent to out of work druggies or alcoholics, so why rent to illegals?

      by Fearless - 13 hours ago

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