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    How much MONEY does it cost to file a SMALL CLAIMS COURT CASE????????

    I moved out of my house at the end of my lease last month and I'm trying to get my $925 security deposit back from my landlord[s], but they keep bullshitting me, and now they won't answer my calls or return my messages. I live in North Carolina. Best answer gets a best answer.
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    http://www.legalaidnc.org/publications/Small_Claims_Court/Small_Claims_Chapter_2.htm See "How to File the Lawsuit" The cost to file a small claims case is $65
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    Other Answers

    • Log onto a web site for JudgeJudy, Judge Joe Brown or some other tv judge. They will pay you for your appearence.You may find that your Landlord doesn't want to appear on TV and so will settle it. They cannot ignore a letter from them either.

      by lovelifelikeabrit - 18 hours ago

    • call up your local court house, where the rental occurred, the fee will depend also on the distance the landlord lives from the court house to be served by sheriff officer, it should not be more then 75 per person maybe few as 34 dollars, does not matter if you win you can included the filling fee to be paid by the landlord

      by goz1111 - 18 hours ago

    • You would have to contact the clerk at you county courthouse. They usually have all the information that you should need to do it. Including the price.

      by crissiq2 - 18 hours ago

    • in Michigan I believe it's a $50 filing fee.

      by kg22 - 18 hours ago

    • It should cost you no more than $45 but it all depends on NC. I live in Colorado and I paid $37 to file so you should be able to call the courts and they can tell you the exact cost. Good Luck!!!

      by jaimie - 18 hours ago

    • Actually of you go down to the small claims court, the court clerks can answer all your questions for you. They will tell you they can not give you legal advice but they can tell you court costs. If you don't make enough money, then you can sometimes have the fees waived.

      by hollywoodmelody - 18 hours ago

    • The fees vary from state to state, but then are generally minimal, since small claims court is for those who do not wish to engage the services of an attorney. In my state, the filing fee is $57 for a small claims action. The court will also assist in filling out needed paperwork.

      by acermill - 18 hours ago

    • North Carolina Circuit Court should have a page that tells you-I can't see it being anymore than $40-50 bucks.

      by Jamie G - 18 hours ago

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