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    Do I have to re-paint my apartment before I move out, if I painted it myself?

    I live in the state of California, and when I moved into my apartment, I painted it. I am moving out now and I am wondering if I need to re-paint it to white to get my security deposit back, or if they have to re-paint anyways so I do even need to bother with re-painting.
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    Best Answer

    You should ask your landlord, some will charge you some will not. If the color is bright and can't be covered by one coat of paint then most likely you will be charged. I suggest you paint it with a primer and let them do the rest.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Ask your landlord. You probably won't need to repaint if it still looks OK.

      by nitesong - 13 hours ago

    • Just to be on the safe side I would repaint it back to the original color, especially if your lease did not allow you to paint the walls in the 1st place. If you didn't have anything in writing saying that you could NOT paint the walls then you may be fine.

      by house-hunter - 13 hours ago

    • Depends on your lease. If it is tasteful and the landlords don't mind you leaving it as is, they will probably not require you to repaint it. With my tenants, I have the option of requiring them to remove all wallpaper and repaint a neutral color. But, if the current color is tasteful and "in style" then I just let them leave it as is. A tastefully painted apartment/house will re-rent faster than builder beige or white.

      by sortaclarksville - 13 hours ago

    • yes you need to repaint it to the orginal color. the building is only required t put one coat of paint up. so if it takes more than one coat of paint to re cover the color u put up they will charge you.

      by spadezgurl22 - 13 hours ago

    • I would say you probably do, but, do it carefully. if you spill on the carpet, you may wind up losing the deposit anyway. Most of the time, they repaint the apartments anyway. The best answer is to ask your landlord. and whatever is said, PUT IT IN WRITING!!!! I'd worry more about the carpets than the walls. I'd ask and make a decision from there

      by Mr. Cellophane - 13 hours ago

    • Always repaint in back to white so your landlord will give you your full deposit back. Doesn't matter if the walls are neutral either,it just gives him a reason to hold part or all of the deposit back from you.

      by hollywoodmelody - 13 hours ago

    • I think you should re paint it white. I haven't rented for several years, but I remember that you couldn't even leave nail holes in the walls.

      by Nina - 13 hours ago

    • No you don't need to repaint your apartment. They should do that. So that the owner can get it rented. So no you don't have to. It depends on what your landlord says and if it still looks nice or not

      by softballgirl5_2006 - 13 hours ago

    • depends what sort of job you have done if it is tidy and tasteful then no, but if you have say painted it all weired colours or have done a bad job then yes.

      by cath lane - 13 hours ago

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