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    Is there a bad area of Rochester, NY. I need to find an area to live in and I need to keep my family safe.?

    All of the houses in the burbs seem reasonable in price but the taxes are crazy. It looks like home are very inexpensive in Rochester but I don't know if its safe to live in Rochester. I work a ton of hours and my wife is pregnant with our 2nd child so she will be home alone alot. Is there an area close to but not in Rochester where the taxes are more reasonable. If not how is it living in the city.
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    i know rochester like the back of my hand. what are you looking for in addition to the safety issue. if you like the urban setting more than burbs then check out vicks park a and vicks park b. its the old horse race track. its in a trendy area with a lot of nice big old houses and the open air cafes that a lot of people like. the houses are more expencive there. but the quality of life is good there too. if you like the burbs type of living better. deep lots single family dwellings nice well kept yards and houses. basically the middle class bedroom community then check out thomas ave area. its near stutson street on the east side of the river. very nice place to live. i dont know for sure what the taxes are like ther. parts of irondiquoit are very nice. stay away from clifford ave, conkey ave, avd d, lake and lyell, ridgeway untill you get to greece, genesee, north goodman north of main, n goodman near the village gate is nice but its on the edge of a few rough neighborhoods. culver road near park ave is nice. cobbs hill is decent. the houses look nice but dont know much about quality of life. if you update your question with more specifics of what you are looking for, i can look at it again tomorrow and maybe give you some other ideas.
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