do you have to be a hawaiian to buy land in hawaii?

do you have to be a hawaiian to buy land in hawaii? any links to sites supporting or debunking this statement?

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I lived in Hawaii for several years. You do NOT have to be Hawaiian in most cases. I have several friends from the mainland that now own houses and land on Oahu and Maui. There are some islands that you cannot even visit, but they are hardly populated. And there is land set aside for native Hawaiians. Kind of like "reservations."

7 years ago

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no you don't. because i know oprah owns some land on maui.

by anonymous - 7 years ago

Certainly not. I have friends who live on the mainland and own land in Hawaii.

by Dr. Richards - 7 years ago

No, in fact during the 1970's and 1980's when the Japanese economy was huge they started buying up a lot of property in Hawaii.

by jaybird17762001 - 7 years ago

Where did you hear this? If you believe that, I have a bridge in New York I want to sell you.

by Jessica - 7 years ago

My dad's best friend lives in HI and he's not hawaiian, but in some places I'm sure you do have to be hawaiian to buy land

by mormon masterpiece - 7 years ago

Anybody can buy anything they want if they have the bucks. There are property owners in America who are not citizens of the US but still own property and have businesses. Many of them have "silent partner" status to circumvent any legal stuff. If you're an American you certainly should be able to buy Hawaiian property.

by Hi - 7 years ago

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by kambueno01 - 7 years ago

I am a 17+ year resident of Hawaii, now in Arizona. No you do not need to be Hawaiian. I think this 'myth' stems from the Hawaiian Homelands project, which one poster mentioned as being similar to 'reservations'. Currently you have to have 1/16th part Hawaiian blood to qualify for Hawaiian Homelands but there are many stories of people being on the waiting list for 20+ years. No offense but most HHL areas you wouldn't want to live in anyway, lots of junked cars in the front lawn.
One other issuse might be 'leasehold' property in Hawaii, where you can buy the building for whatever remains of the lease (often lease terms start at 99 years) but the land underneath is still owned by someone else. See this website for more reasons on this:

Hawaii is a state and operates like any other state except we get screwed on promotions (48 contiguous states only) and shipping costs.

Here is a link to the State of Hawaii Real Estate governing body:

Hope that answers your question and debunks your myth...

by Jason Powell AZ Realtor - 7 years ago