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    Am I obligated to a lease agreement that has been renewed, but did not sign?

    When I moved in to the condo in 2006, I signed a one year lease. That lease has expired. She notified me that I can stay and the rent increased. I didn't sign any new lease for the 07-08 year, am I obligated to that lease or am I considered month to month?
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    you went from a contract of years to being legally month to month... you must still give the notice to move out (usually 30 days)
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    Other Answers

    • If you have no signed lease for the next year you are under no contractual obligation. The minute the last lease expired you were out of contract and can do what you need to do. Usually there is even an agreement for month to month renters, it is always the best option, as verbal agreements can be easily questioned in court and are vague. If you want to stay, I would recommend that you sign the new lease for the next year, if you do not, she can give you notice anytime she wants to ask you to leave. If you like renting month to month then draw up a document that states that, and have both signatures on it. If you want to move due to rent increase, then you are currently free to do so.

      by novastarbanker - a day ago

    • month to month. To change your month to month tenancy in accordance to your state's Landlord Tenant Act you will have to have a writing. Buena Suerte

      by newmexicorealestateforms - a day ago

    • You are now legally month to month and she can raise your rent every 35 days.....move or sign would be your best interest

      by sunbun - a day ago

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