How much NOTICE do i have to give my landlord???

I have been renting this house since July of last year and i wanted to leave because i can no longer afford it anymore. I have a new apartment for May 1st. How much notice do i need to give my landlord? I never signed a lease, just the application for the landlord to rent. But, I did give the landlord a year's worth of post dated checks until this july. Does the notice need to be written or can i just call him? Please any advice? I really need to know & i live in Ontario, Canada.thnks

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Since you did not sign a lease, you are considered a month to month tenancy. You need to give one month's notice, so now would be about the time to give it. I would suggest sending a written notice via USPS (I think its Canada Post in Canada). You can send it with signature confirmation and keep a copy for your own records, in case a dispute arises later.

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If there is no lease, you can leave when you like. It would be polite to give the lanlord as much notice as you can. 30 days notice is enough.

by Puddinhead - 7 years ago

Usually its 1 month.....It depends on the laws where you live. Make it written. Take pictures when you leave. Even if there is no lease you must give notice.

by margherita - 7 years ago

Depends on the rules where you live.

You should be able to find the info on local government pages - but it can vary a great deal.

(normally I would have said to check the lease!)

I would guess that, assuming you have a good relationship with your landlord - 2 weeks is fairly common (but again, you should check!)

Best of luck.

by tigglys - 7 years ago

In RI, 30 days is the norm. No lease? That's odd. I'd call him/her. Make sure you get your checks back and cancel/void them! Good luck!

by tori474 - 7 years ago

You may want to talk to the land lord and see what they will accept. You really should give 2-3 months to be safe but 1 month is usually OK. See what you can do to get your checks back. ( Make sure you get a credit check also. They Landlord could have easily used the checks to purchase other things)

by lilbitt_637 - 7 years ago

You need to get a certified letter from your post office or have a notary public stamp it. The normal legal time for a "proper notice" is 30 days. As for the post dated checks, after you notify him of your intent to vacate the premises, contact your bank and have a stop placed on them. I'm not too sure of Canada's laws but I live in the US and I've been through this. Make sure you go into detail about why you are choosing to vacate. Do not say that you have another apartment, basically just tell him that due to unforseen financial situations you can no longer afford to occupy the premises and feel it to be unfair if you did so knowing that you cannot afford to keep payment. Hope this helps!

by cpipkin_315 - 7 years ago

30 days is standard. I would put it in writing and have it notarized. just in case those checks make there way to the bank. put your notice in asap. that way you have time to make sure you can get the unused checks back from him too. hope this helped

by cute_turtl_grl - 7 years ago

If he is ugly I'd give him very little notice. If he is cute then be pleasant and a little flirty. If he is a hunk you want - the the sky is the limit on giving notice. *grin*

by Roger C - 7 years ago

30 days

by Lisa S - 7 years ago