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    Can I rent an apt? I have a good job and great rental history, but I have a criminal misdemeanor theft record.

    My credit is not great, but decent. I didn't answer the criminal record questions because I have 10 yr old misdemeanors. I was denied today for an apartment who uses a company called First Advantage Safe Rent Inc to decide whether a potential tenant should be apprved or declined and I was declined.
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    Of course you can rent an apartment. The key is to stay away from the large apartment complexes that are operated by property management companies. They usually have access to credit bureau records and sometimes do criminal background checks. If you stick to the older duplexes and four family apartment units in your area, you will probably have better luck. These buildings are often owned and managed by private individuals. Most of the time, these small landlords won't spend the money to join a credit reporting agency, nor will they do any kind of background check. They usually ask you to fill out a rental application, but they rarely follow up and verify the information you give. Most of them pride themselves in their ability to be good judges of character. Like the others who have answered your question, I'm betting that you were denied for having less than stellar credit. I doubt that your criminal record was an issue. Criminal records are usually not an issue unless a felony was involved, and then only if there was a conviction. Good luck with your search for an apartment.
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    Other Answers

    • Be up front with the next property manager you interview with. They all use a credit check company that also checks criminal records, which is possibly why you were turned down.

      by Venita Peyton - 13 hours ago

    • When you try to hide your past record by not including it.They can always check it out anyway.So be honest.It looks like you are trying to hide something otherwise.Let your great rental record be the deciding vote.

      by sharen d - 13 hours ago

    • Sounds like your credit is not great, and when they ask about the criminal thing, just answer it and lie...big deal it was ten years ago...I would say they declined because of your credit or if they ask how much you make, sometimes you have to make three times what the rent is before you can rent...having to do that with kids in college, and got two...but, I don't have great credit, and they do now, and now they are of age, but, they just put down they do, and got the best apartment around the campus they go too...

      by Confused - 13 hours ago

    • Well you should answer all the questions...sometimes not answering they consider it a 'lie' and will deny you just cause of that. Just on the next one..be truthful

      by myownsecretarydotcom - 13 hours ago

    • I would guess it was your credit that did you in, not the misdemeanor....work on getting your credit score up

      by bob - 13 hours ago

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