If you own your own land, can you put a trailer on it, if you live in the city?

We own our house and land. Our house is old and needs alot of repairs. We were thinking of tearing the house down and putting a trailer on the land. Some people tell us we can't do it in the city. Others say we can.
If anyone knows, please answer this question.

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First check your deed to see if there are any restrictions on the property if your clear there , then double check with city hall to make sure you won't be violating any city ordinances...Good Luck............PS you'll probably have to get a permit for the demolition,too

7 years ago

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That all depends on the local zoning laws and building codes.

If you're inside the city limits, you'll need to contact them to inquire. Many cities (townships, etc.) have stricter laws about that sort of thing than the surrounding counties.

by ISOintelligentlife - 7 years ago

Check with your local code enforcement or city building code. They can point you in the right direction.

by 4kids2pay4 - 7 years ago

Sure, you can park a trailer on the land. But you can't live in that trailer, legally. Which means you won't be able to get electricity, water, gas, or sewer hooked up. And I seriously doubt you would get "homeowner's" insurance.

Well, it might depend on what city you are talking about, and you didn't specify. But none I checked allow for trailers to be used as permanent domiciles within city limits, amid regular houses. They have to be in a lot or area approved for trailers (i.e. trailer park).

check the zoning regulations for your city, specifically, the block in which your house is located, and it should let you know specifically what type of domicile is legal.

by PiggiePants - 7 years ago