how many acres would you need to build a 1,892 square foot home?

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An acre contains 43,560 square feet. If you build a one-story home, you could probably put it on a site as small as a tenth of an acre. But you need to contact your local planning and zoning department to see what the regulations are. It also matters whether you're on public water and sewer, or if you need well and septic. Email me if you want more help. I'm a professional urban planner by trade, and I know all about this stuff.


7 years ago

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Square footage isn't totally a function of the lot size because some homes are multi-level dwellings so you get square footage on each floor.

If you was doing a town house/ranch style (one level) the lot could be as small as 1/9 acre (about 30 X 67).

You could use a smaller lot and just add the additional sq. ft. in the upper floors/basement.----20 X 60 with 1130 downstairs and 762 up stairs.

by Ronatnyu - 7 years ago

Size of the land has nothing to do with it. What governs what size you are allowed to build on what amount of property is the zoning/land use ordinance of the government jurisdiction that the property is located in (County, State, Municipality) So to find out how much land you will need to build a home you will need to contact the government entity that has jurisdiction on the land use of the property.

by newmexicorealestateforms - 7 years ago

The answer to this question is dependent on the zoning for that piece of property. Check with your city/county planning and development office for the zone codes and definitions.


by Jay S - 7 years ago