What does "closed listings" mean in referance to Real Estate??

I'm browsing houses for sale on line and I'm not sure what "closed listings" seems like it's a complete different line of houses to the other ones for sale!! Does it mean that they're closed to anymore offers?? I'm confused!

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Closed = Sold... title transferred
Active = Available for sale
Expired = Listing contract ended its term
Withdrawn = Taken off the market by owner
Pending = Pending financing or pending inspections
Contingency = Sale is contingent upon the sale of another home

Those are your basic definitions! I hope it helps!!


7 years ago

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Yes, closed listing means they've already started a process of giving that house to someone who placed the best amount.

by - 7 years ago

That the property in no longer for sale, either because it sold or the Seller took it off the market.

by Miss V - 7 years ago

MEANS THEY ARE SOLD. It does not mean they started the process, that is called pending, or in escrow.
Closed means sold.
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by frankie b - 7 years ago

It means the listings are no longer available for negotiations, it is has been dealt with. E.g. see there are some listings gets expired on as soon the seller finds a suitable buyer.

by Sagar Kumar - 7 years ago