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    What does "closed listings" mean in referance to Real Estate??

    I'm browsing houses for sale on line and I'm not sure what "closed listings" mean...it seems like it's a complete different line of houses to the other ones for sale!! Does it mean that they're closed to anymore offers?? I'm confused!
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    Closed = Sold... title transferred Active = Available for sale Expired = Listing contract ended its term Withdrawn = Taken off the market by owner Pending = Pending financing or pending inspections Contingency = Sale is contingent upon the sale of another home Those are your basic definitions! I hope it helps!!
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • That the property in no longer for sale, either because it sold or the Seller took it off the market.

      by Venita Peyton - 9 hours ago

    • It means the listings are no longer available for negotiations, it is has been dealt with. E.g. see there are some listings gets expired on http://2letservice.com as soon the seller finds a suitable buyer.

      by Saloni - 9 hours ago

    • MEANS THEY ARE SOLD. It does not mean they started the process, that is called pending, or in escrow. Closed means sold. Remax realtor

      by frankie b - 9 hours ago

    • Yes, closed listing means they've already started a process of giving that house to someone who placed the best amount.

      by uh-huh - 9 hours ago

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