bridgeport,CT is a good place to live?

I got job in stamford,CT 2 days i am thinking of finding a plce to live, which is close to Stamford. I have been searched over internet..seems renting house bridgeport,CT in is not too expensive ...BUT my friend told me..its a dangerous place to live..I wonder if it is truth??
or you have some good places for me to choose to live?! I hope the rent will be about 1000US, nice half house , less than 30 mins drive to stamdford. Thanks

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No-- its a risky investment, aside from being a very dangerous place to live in certain spots.

Look at Stratford, Milford or Norwalk-- they all have decent prices and are better investments for you. Odds are if you can afford Bridgeport you can afford something in those cities.

7 years ago

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I'd avoid MOST of Bridgeport....look for a place in the valley....Woodbridge, Seymour, Derby, ect......Good luck to you.


by everything's eventual - 7 years ago

Bridgeport is the worst city in CT and one of the worst in the Northeast. Compares to Newark or Camden.

by Jet - 7 years ago

There are parts that are OK..a friend of mine just purchased a co-op near the water in Bridgeport but the commute might be longer because of traffic. I would try's less expensive then Stamford and closer (It's just the next town over)

Traffic on 95 and the Merritt is pretty heavy during rush hour because alot of people commute from local towns to Stamford. Seymour, as suggested is farther then 30 minutes.

by KitKat - 7 years ago