How do I correct an error on my house's record? The Sq. footage is wrong in public record.?

My house is in Santa Clara, CA.

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I assume you dont like that the assessor has LESS square footage than what you really have.

Leave it alone. The assessed square footage does not affect ANYTHING, except the assessed value FOR TAXES ONLY. (An appraiser who doesn't do his job right might go off only assessed info, but they shouldnt!) By having less sq footage on record, your taxes are lower.

7 years ago

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The Assessors office

by Valley R - 7 years ago

I see alot of that in my job.We pull assessments on everyone in a county and you wouldn't belive the typo's we find.Go to your local tax assessment office and tell them your problem.They can help you.

by southernlady71251 - 7 years ago

Ignore it..........
YOUR taxed less at tax time.
If you plan to sell it........ then it MAY matter


by top_one_percentile - 7 years ago

Is it wrong in your favor? If you're paying less tax, then, hmmmm. Otherwise when it's time to sell, the Buyer will likely pay for an appraisal and have it measured at that time. Or, you could have the tax office fix it, I guess, according to what the licensed appraiser who measured your house stated.

by Miss V - 7 years ago