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    O.k. you know how homes appreciate in value, well do manufactured home appreciate or depreciate?

    because mobile homes lose value right? and house gain it. so what about manufactered homes?
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    As an appraiser here is how appreciation and depreciation works. First, wether it be a large custom home vs. a small cottage; the actual value of the structure depreciates over time. What really drives up prices is the land value. On TV they have a show called National Open house that depicts property around the country and the prices of homes. Why is it that you can buy a 2,000sf home in NY for 700,000 vs. the same home in Georgia for 200,000 it's because the land in NY is worth 450k vs. Georgia's land value of 80,000. If you have a mobile home you purchased for 15,000 on rented property and try to sell it after 5 years you might get 10,000 for just the mobile home but if you own the property underneath you might get 25,000 after 5 years with the mobile home on it. If you are looking to get appreciation in value you will want to purchase the land + the improvement.
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    • Manufactured home is a nice term for mobile home. Presumably, the only difference is that "manufactured" is sitting on a piece of owned real estate, not in a rented trailer park lot. But no manufactured home will appreciate like a normal home. The land might gain in value, but the home, not so much. If you're meaning a modular home, where the bulk of the framework is built in a factory and assembled onsite, but it looks exactly like a normal home, those should gain roughly on pace with a normal "stick built" home.

      by NONAME - 4 hours ago

    • Yes, mobile homes depreciate no matter what. Houses will appreciate or lose value depending on the market. Hear this: Manufactured homes (built after 1976 and built to the HUD code) generally appreciate (or depreciate) at similar rates as stick built homes. Of course their value is lower than a similar sq.ft. stick built home, but they increase in value since there is a market segment of buyers who are priced out of the market--meaning they cant afford a stick built home. Some double wides in my area sell for close to $200k. This is because many buyers cant afford an entry level $275k stick built home and settle on a manufactured home. I can only speak for my region (Virginia), but from talks with other real estate professionals that is pretty typical across the country.

      by Scott B - 4 hours ago

    • Manu Homes depreciate. Do not assume regular houses will appreciate either.

      by kingstubborn - 4 hours ago

    • they severely depreciate in value. comparable to a car. very poor investment choice.

      by guitarkidfromnowhere - 4 hours ago

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