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    Can you get an apartment while on unemployment?

    I have been receiving unemployment benefits for a month now. And will begin a new job in 2 weeks. The apartment complex wants 4 pay stubs should I include my unmployment pay stubs? Will they refuse me?
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    I suggest you explain the situation to them. Get a letter from your new employer stating that you will be working for them beginning on X date and your rate of pay. Then, turn this in, along with your last 4 unemployment stubs and your last regular paycheck. This will show that you were making money, that you didn't lose your job for personal reasons, and that you will be making money in the future.
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    • I'm not really sure how unemployment works where you are but here in Wa state you have to have quite a few hours and you cannot have been fired from your job to recieve it. That would be enough for most people to see that you have enough stability to pay your rent regularly. I do not think that that would refuse you on that alone.

      by peace2all - 10 hours ago

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