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    How do we get land mobile home ready?

    We have a doublewide mobile home currently in a mobile home park. We are trying to sell it, and it won't sell because it's not on it's own land. Plus, we are tired of paying lot rent, and want to purchase land to move it. What all do we have to do? Lay foundation? Hook up utilities? Can anyone provide some insight as to how to do this? We are just in the preliminary stages and want to see what all we have to do to see if it's worth it to move it.
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    Find a piece of land that you like. Make sure it is zoned to allow mobile homes. Make sure it perks for the size of home you have. Have the lot prepared - cleared and leveled. Unless you are in one of the very few places which allow mobile homes in town, you will have to have well and septic put in. Have a professional move the home, anchor it on the new lot and connect the utilities. Depending on local ordinance and your own desires, have a brick or other "foundation" added, or simply have it skirted. This is everything I can think of. You are almost certainly looking at $15-$20 thousand in addition to the price of the land, although I'm sure the cost varies depending on locality.
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