If they run natural gas lines on my property, am I entitled to compensation?

This is actually for my mother in law. They are fixing to run more pipe thru her land. They tear it up and hardly put it back together. We were trying to figure out what to do about the mess they will leave behind.

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you only get compensation if the actual well in on your land

7 years ago

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ask a lawyer

by da_hammerhead - 7 years ago

They probably will not run lines except in a dedicated utility easement or right of way.. If the utility company desires to place a gas line on your property outside of one of these areas, they will probably ask you for an easement and it is not unreasonable for you to ask for compensation for granting them an easement. Be careful, most utilities can exercise "Eminent Domain", the right to seize your property for the public good, it seldom is exercised, but they could. They could also deny you service if you refuse to grant them an easement.


by Back Porch Willy - 7 years ago

no she has already let them install gas lines and if new lines are in same row.

small claims court to fix land to original

by A P F - 7 years ago