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    how long does it typically take to build a 2500 square foot house?

    in a residential development
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    On the average around four to five months. I talked to a retired contractor, and he said that it depends on who you get to help you. Dependable people or come and go people. The weather is a key factor also. Waiting for supplies, waiting for the inspector to come and OK a certain part of the house before you can continue.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Assume 5-6 months if the lot is finished and there are no "surprises".

      by Rico - 15 hours ago

    • I can tell you how long it takes to build a 2800 sq ft 2 story home mostly by yourself and a few ratty subs ( are there really any contractors out there who really care) I ended up doing most of it myself. i started in April of 05 and still going at it. thats with a day job, part time military and 3 teenage kids who have asked when are we moving in from day one!! Most contractors can build your size in 4-8 months depending on their work load. be ware though, do your homework and ck many references. remember also, never hire a contractor that can start tomorrow, trust me, wait until a good contractor can fit you in. good luck.

      by Miranda D - 15 hours ago

    • Depending on the builder, which mine was Pulte, around 3 months.

      by kayjay - 15 hours ago

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