How do I break a lease in Kentucky?

My husband, my son and I moved into an apartment complex out of necessity. I lost my job and we in turn lost our house.

When we moved here it seemed ok, but lately it's gotten bad. Police are here all the time. Management is letting ANYONE move in. Management is extremely unprofessional (and that is putting it lightly). People are getting jumped by other residents guest for no reason other than them being a**ho**s. I mean this place is a wreck.

I have a 6 year old boy that likes to play outside, but with the people that are moving in and the activity that is in the complex, I don't feel safe.

Does anyone know a way that we can get out of our lease WITHOUT getting sued?

I honestly can't live here anymore.
thanks for the advice...but I can't afford a lawyer...I have even thought about just not paying the rent and waiting for the "Notice to Evacuate the Property Notice" They giver those out like candy here....
Does it not matter that the complex is in a nice area and changed to THIS AFTER we moved in?

What basically happened is corporate changed the management bonus to be based on occupancy....thus allowing her to move whatever trash she wants...
Seems like there should be something on our side. I mean if she rented to us on the premis that we would be good tenants and abide by the rules shouldn't she also have to maintain the same environment as when we rented the place?

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Have an attorney look at your lease contract. there may be a clause that allows you to move if the landlord doesn't provide a safe place.

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Read your lease and ask the landlord or property manager what implications there would be if you wanted to break your lease. You may not get sued, but they can hold you for the amount left on the lease. I don't mean to sound rude, but you did sign a legal agreement and it was your responsibility to make sure of the area. You may end up paying a few months worth of rent you get you out of the lease, but if the area is that bad, it may be worth it. Good Luck KG


by kgreives - 7 years ago

Most appartment lease can be broken provided you give sufficient notice as per the lease agreement. Also extenuating circumstances can also be considered. Or find someone who is willing to move into your apartment and then tell the management you will refer a possible client who would move in as soon as you leave for waiving any charges they might apply for breaking the lease. Some apartments will only charge a months worth of rent for breaking the lease.

by Supermom - 7 years ago

For all strategies regarding getting out of your lease - you may want to look at the website below


by ruzicho2000 - 7 years ago