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    What is recommended? Oil or gas, for heating the home? What is more efficient and cost-effective?

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    Well - currently gas is cheaper - but as for most cost-effective then can depend more on the quality of the oil or gas furnace/heater you have. Generally speaks gas is cheaper than oil - so I would think because of that reality it makes gas the most cost-effective (but it is more dangerous).
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • It depends. Efficiency depends on the furnace, more so than the fuel. Some gas furnaces are as high as 97% efficient. Natural gas prices and oil prices vary greatly because of the vagaries of supply and demand. In general, oil is used where natural gas is not available. Gas is clean burning, relatively odor free, you get charged as you use it, there is a constant supply. With oil, you get odor from the oil, odor from the burning oil. If the burner is not operating perfectly, you can get soot in the chimney and ducts. You have to have a supplier deliver when you need oil. The suppliers may be busy or may be short on supply just when you need it. You have to store the oil in or near your home, in a tank. It is a potential hazard. If I had to pay more for the fuel, I would still choose natural gas.

      by regerugged - 7 hours ago

    • Regardless of which you use, become a member of a co-op. I am a member of the local oil co-op, and buy my oil at over 50 cents cheaper! Check out oilco-op.com, do a google search in your state.

      by Pia - 7 hours ago

    • If you have oil fired heating, I have heard of people putting in old car engine oil, used cooking oil which you can get possibly free from your local chippie or cafe etc.check it out first before you try it.

      by DIAMOND_GEEZER_56 - 7 hours ago

    • Gas is piped directly to your home - due to flooding the main gas lines broke and we were left without heat for weeks. We had a wood stove as backup luckily. That is a rare event so given the choice it would be Natural Gas. Oil must be delivered to your home and stored on site - or unsightly depending on how you feel about the tank. In this area it is more expensive now. Propane about the same as oil only more expensive still.

      by justwondering - 7 hours ago

    • I'm not really sure what is recommended. I have been told gas is cleaner. And at this time, I think gas would be cheaper. Sorry I can't tell you more. Hope this little bit is helpful.

      by LindaInNC - 7 hours ago

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