Who owned the world trade center?

Specifically the twin towers.

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The world trade center was operated and controlled as a public resource by the Port Authority of New York City. In mid 2001 ownership was transfered to a partnership of Silverstein Properties and Westfield America under a 99 year lease deal.

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by Steve Dave - 8 years ago

Hmm....that's a really good question. I wonder if there was one person or company that owned the buildings.

by theblackenedphoenix - 8 years ago

the government, duh!

by nastheesco - 8 years ago

I do .. i really feel sorry for thous who lost their life ..

by Azul - 8 years ago

probably ronald mac donald

by Xion - 8 years ago


by Lesha - 8 years ago

the world trade center was owned by the New York Port Authority and was under lease to Larry Silverstein as of July 2001.

Of purley personal interest I thought I owned [or maybe leased] the moniker Fred R in Yahoo answers ???

by Fred R - 8 years ago


by Matt J - 8 years ago

As of July 2001 Silverstein Properties and Westfield America held a 99 years lease..

by johnyBgood - 8 years ago