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    Where is the cheapest real estate in California?

    So far the cheapest place I have found is Trona (in San Bernardino County)... it's an old mining town that does not have much going on these days. Houses there start around $30-40k. Does anyone know of any other places in the state that have such cheap properties still?
    3 months ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    No place you'd probably want to live. Trona is desolate and I'm being kind. Unbearably hot in summer. I don't think there's much of a rental market there. The only jobs are working at the nearby prison, which pays fairly well, so they don't rent, they buy--elsewhere- and commute. If you are looking for a good value that also has a decent rental market, the Palm Springs area is still affordable (by Ca standards) and you can actually get someone you'd want to rent to--not someone who would turn your desolate rental into a meth lab (not kidding).
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • The High Desert is still the most affordable housing in the state of California. This includes Victorville, Barstow, Apple Valley, Hesperia and all the smaller towns around these. Check out my website at www.ElegantDesertHomes.com Patrick

      by pgabrielson1 - 10 hours ago

    • The desert is the cheapest real estate. If you want the cheapest real estate you'd actually want to live in, I think you've found it. $30-40k is nothing for a house.

      by intelbarn - 10 hours ago

    • Anywhere not by the ocean, try the northern border (along Oregon's southern border) or the eastern border (up and down the Nevada/Arizona border).

      by rjakjr - 10 hours ago

    • The central farming towns in the middle of the state (Soledad, etc.) also have cheap real estate, though I don't know if there is property as low as $30-$40k.

      by apropos2001 - 10 hours ago

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