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    My landlord refuses to fix problems in the house we are renting. What are my rights?

    The basement floods through little windows,keep in mind this is a finished basement. The shower wall caved in and has mold behind the wall. He refuses to fix this also my son and I have ashtma and its only getting worse.
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    OK speaking from a realtor view as well as a property manager of over 75 apartments throughout phoenix, you have a lot of options... number one if there is mold you can sue him because that is a medical hazard, be careful because of your medical conditions... they will get worse... number two you make all the repairs yourself and then refuse to pay the next month's rent... You can also move out of the apartment or house on the grounds that it is uninhabitable... please be aware that regardless of what choice you make, make sure you send him something written about the problems... I'd recommend sending it certified mail and keeping a copy for yourself of the letter.. once he gets the letter call him and ask what he plans to do... if he says nothing or I need time... you can get a hotel room, which when you take him to court he will need to pay for (but I don't recommend this)... either fix it or move out... if you need further assistance or advice email me... sylviakopec@yahoo.com... I'll be happy to answer any questions you got, or explain in more detials.... for your health, if there is mold I recommend getting out... and you won't owe a thing... just make sure you send that letter and take pictures of whats wrong... Hope that it goes smooth for you... Email if you got questions Sylvia You will not owe him any money... trust me... I know the landlord tenant laws
    9 years ago

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    • You're not going to get rid of mold without major repairs... $5000 or more. Moving out is your best recourse.

      by HMMMMMM - 18 hours ago

    • Some states allow you to make the repairs yourself and deduct the cost from the rent. Other states allow you to withhold the rent until the repairs are made. Go to http://realestate.findlaw.com/tenant to read about your rights in general and then click on the Resources link to get the specifics for your state. As for the mold, call your town's Health Dept. and ask them to send out an inspector. If the mold is bad enough they will condemn the property and you will not be able to live there (and will not be required to pay rent) until its fixed.

      by realestatelawyer - 18 hours ago

    • It will depend on where you are but you can contact your local building inspectors office or health dept. and best of all you need to bring out the building code officer because he must by law in any state keep all property in a certain levl of good repair and safe for his renters or he is a slum lord and that is against the law everywhere

      by tattootattooed - 18 hours ago

    • Depending on what state you live in you can go to court and explain the situation to them. You can actually with hold the rent but it will need to be payed to the court. They will hold the rent from the landlord until the repairs are fixed. Go to them with photographs of the damaged things so they can see whats going on. Also DO NOT withhold the rent on your own your land lord can then evict you. Just do it the legal way and have the courts hold it for them.

      by MyName - 18 hours ago

    • That depends on what state you're in. In California, for isntance, you can make the needed repairs yourself and then deduct the cost of them from your rent. Otherwise, you have a lot of options available to you for a lawsuit. These conditions sound like they're unliveable. Sue his @ss.

      by BlueGus - 18 hours ago

    • you can move. You might be able to fix the problems, yourself. Perhaps even hire someone to do it.

      by Uncle John - 18 hours ago

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