I can no longer access my sub-account so that I can set a vacation message or my business e-mail. What gives?

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Sorry you are having trouble accessing your account Kathy, your Business Mail account should still be accessible from your Yahoo Mail account, but if you have updated to the latest version of mail, how to access your account may have changed. Please see our help page at for an overview of the changes in Yahoo Mail.

When you are in your mail account on the upper right side of the screen you will see your name as well as a purple gear icon. If you hover your mouse over your name you will see a drop down menu, at the bottom of that menu you will see the Business Mail accounts attached to your Yahoo ID. Clicking on your Business Mail account will take you to that mailbox.

Alternately you can access your Business Mail directly by goint to (replacing with your actual domain name)

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us directly at

6 months ago